Sensient’s Color of the Year 2023

Power Berry - A shade that symbolizes individuality and authenticity, this transformative mix of blues and reds also signifies the individual's adaptability to the changing tides.

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With more than 60 years of experience developing cosmetic colorants, ingredients and extraction technology, we believe that beauty is not only seen but experienced. At the front and center of beauty is an individual’s sensory experience with the product and here at Sensient Beauty, we believe in forming collaborative relationships with our customers to create ingredients that elevate these experiences.

Every year, in collaboration with Beautystreams, we select a Color of the Year that we believe will make an impact in beauty and cosmetics for the year ahead. After a warm and comforting success of Radiant Pink in 2022, we look toward 2023 with another color that is empowering, optimistic and creative.

Sensient’s Color of the Year 2023: Power Berry

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The Covid-19 pandemic has completely overhauled the way we live and affected all aspects of our lives—including politics, work, nature, relationships and society as a whole. Consumers have gone through major changes in their lives, forming different priorities when it comes to work, their shopping habits or even the way they view themselves and their lives. When alone and isolated during quarantine, people looked inward to form self-awareness and an innate desire for improvement, optimism and hope.

Celebrating individualism and authenticity

This power of self-love manifests in the Color of the Year — Power Berry. A shade that symbolizes individuality and authenticity, this transformative mix of blues and reds also signifies the individual’s adaptability to the changing tides. A hue that’s found in flowers, berries, vegetables and spices, Power Berry instantly draws a connection to nature, a source of optimism, healing and authenticity during the last few years.

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With Power Berry depicting creativity and optimism, it pairs well with purples, reds, corals, pinks and greens. These vivid hues evoke a loud and proud energy, vivid confidence and trigger motivation.

Recapturing your power

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In 2023, we predict that Power Berry will manifest itself in many forms, including:

  • Color me powerful: Using color cosmetics that focuses on intense color payoff on the eyes and lips as a form of self expression that extends beyond gender roles and beauty standards.
  • Gliding light: A play on textures help take this color from a silky luminous glow, to hyper-glossy shine that allows skin to peek through.
  • Rebellious Eyes: As a loud and unapologetic color, Power Berry stands out as an eye color to lend it sophistication, edginess and a whole lot of personality.
  • Pucker up: 2022 was the year for putting on training wheels when it came to lipstick, but 2023 will be the year consumers embrace vivid colors on their lips once more, with ultra-expressive and and standout lipsticks that play on textures, shape and layers.
  • Gender-free nails: A play on berry-derivatives like plums, mauves, reds or purples, solidifies this hue as one suitable for all genders.
  • Standout hair: Dark bases coupled with this hue forms a wearable colour that suitable for a large variety of complexions.

All set for 2023? Partner with Sensient Beauty to formulate with Power Berry and the rest of the accompanying hues to create unique, sensorial experiences.  Contact us now to find out more.

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