100% natural e hidrofóbico - Tratamiento de la superficie con Aloe

Easy to disperse and has high pigment load. Excellent spreadability, dry and light feel.

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Driven by the growing clean beauty movement, many consumers are making conscious decisions about what and how they consume, even more so for their cosmetic products. They see cosmetics that contains ingredients derived from food or botanical sources as inherently safe. However, product quality cannot be compromised as high coverage and lightweight foundations are still an essential.

Fundación para el Tratamiento de Superficies de Aloe

66% of Chinese women pay attention to the percentage of natural ingredients

47% of Indian consumers strongly agree that natural ingredients are their top priority when shopping for beauty and grooming products

45% of Chinese shoppers believe natural ingredients are the solution to improve their skin health

Inspired to innovate to meet clean beauty standards, Sensient developed Aloe Surface Treatment.

¿Qué es el tratamiento de superficies con Aloe?

  • Un tratamiento de superficie 100% natural e hidrofóbico
  • INCI: aceite de Cocos Nucifera (coco), extracto de hoja de Aloe Barbadensis
  • Extraído y reciclado de hojas de aloe desechadas
Tratamiento de superficie con aloe - Aloe y coco

¿Cuáles son sus propiedades y beneficios?

  • Un tratamiento de superficie inodoro 100% natural e hidrófobo
  • Alta carga de pigmentos
  • Excelente esparcibilidad, tacto seco y ligero
  • Mejora la hidratación, alivia las quemaduras solares y reduce las irritaciones
  • Cumple la normativa mundial y es 100% natural según la norma ISO16128
  • Certificado Cosmos, Halal, Kosher
  • Vegano, biodegradable y conforme al Protocolo de Nagoya

Sensient Beauty seenorgullece de anunciar que Aloe Surface Treatment ha ganado el premio al "Mejor ingrediente potenciador de los sentidos" en los PCHi 2023 Fountain Awards.

The industry-acclaimed PCHi Fountain Awards recognize advancing research capabilities and cutting-edge technologies in the personal care industry. All entries were evaluated independently by an esteemed judging panel consisting of industry veterans from renowned cosmetics manufacturing companies and associations, university researchers, as well as experts from PCHi’s Cosmetics Science & Technology Innovation Committee.

PCHi 2023 Fountain Award Winner - Tratamiento de superficie Aloe

Contact us to request a sample of Aloe Surface Treatment or arrange a VIVID session with us. We will be happy to introduce you to our latest ingredient launches and innovations.

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