Agentes de texturización

Beauty is an emotion, and we develop cosmetic ingredients with the highest quality and performance to enhance sensorial experience and to fit that emotion. From film formers, thickeners, powders, emulsifiers to solubilizers and many more. Our global marketing and R&D teams are continuously exploring new concepts and products to bring true innovation to the beauty industry.

Nuevos lanzamientos e ingredientes clave


The “gold-standard” of solubilizers: a unique surfactant complex designed to enable water to be used as a substitute for alcohols…

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Unique texture creator with high sensorial effects: silicone like with a velvet touch…

Explore Covacryl® MV60


Natural & efficient solubilizer that allows reduction, or even elimination of alcohols in formulations…

Explore Natpure® Sol Crystal OF


In response to the growing trend on replacing talc with better received ingredients, we have developed talc alternatives…

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Solubilizers are used to solubilize oils into water so that cosmetics can be mixed…

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Sensient’s portfolio of synthetic and natural thickeners are design to improve the…

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Polvos sensoriales

We offer powders that are often used as feel enhancers in make-up and skin care…

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Formadores de película

Our range of synthetic and natural film formers create films with a wide range of…

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Perlas para el cuidado del cabello

Our range of Covapearl provides a superior pearly texture to shampoos, anti-dandruff…

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Emolientes y ceras

Our range of ready-made waxes can be used for makeup, sun care and skin care…

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Natpure Sol SL is a globally compliant and COSMOS certified emulsifier derived…

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