Polvos sensoriales

We offer powders that are often used as feel enhancers in make-up and skin care products. The shape, size, chemical structure and optical properties of these fillers are driving the sensorial experience. From beads, lamellar particles, natural fibers to starch derivatives, we have the solution for you


Micro-spherical powders are often used as feel enhancers in make-up and skin care applications. The sensorial experience of these fillers is driven by the shape, size and chemical nature of the beads. They also provide immediate optical and blurring effects that can make skin looks smoother and decrease fine lines, for a camera-ready look. 


Covabead® Crystal 

Transparent spherical glass with 360° skin protection 

  • Propiedades técnicas: 
  • Baja absorción de aceite 
  • Propiedades de reflexión de la luz 
  • Alta transparencia 

Cosmetic benefits: 

  • Efecto difuminador 
  • Bajo impacto en la viscosidad de la formulación 

Sensibead® SI 175 & Sensibead® SI 320 

Porous spherical ultra-fine particles of silica. Alternative to plastic microbeads. 

Technical properties 

  • Buen deslizamiento  
  • Bajo efecto blanqueador 
  • Buena absorción 

Cosmetic benefits: 

  • Efecto difuminador con transparencia 
  • Efecto matificante 
  • Potenciador de SPF 

Partículas laminares

Sensient’s broad range of lamellar powders addresses key formulation needs when it comes to creation unique and revolutionary textures. These ingredients allow the formulation of outstanding textures by providing unique slip effects. 

Fibras naturales

Sensient offers a range of natural fibers for all cosmetic applications: make up, skin care & hair care. Depending on their composition, length and thickness, these fibers can be used to bring volume in mascara, or blurring effect in skin care for example. 


Natpure® Fiber SF 50 

Technical properties: 

  • Origen 100% natural: Cáscaras de semillas de girasol 
  • Eco-concepción 
  • De origen local (suroeste de Francia) 
  • Trazabilidad total 
  • Alta absorción de aceite, agua y sudor  
  • Fácilmente dispersable 
  • Color oscuro 

Cosmetic benefits: 

  • Efecto matificante 
  • Efecto difuminador 
  • Suaviza la apariencia de las líneas finas 
  • Alta cobertura 
  • Densifica las pestañas y el cabello 

Almidón y derivados del almidón

Natural alternative to synthetic powders 

Amidon De Mais MST
Natural powder extract from corn
– Global compliant
– 100% natural derived according to ISO16128
– Good absorption, slip effect and mattifying

Covafluid AMD
Natural hydrophobic polymer
– Global compliant
– 97% natural derived according to ISO16128
– Good absorption, slip effect and mattifying


Alternativas al talco

Talc has many uses in cosmetics and other personal care products. For example, it may be used to absorb moisture, to prevent caking, to make facial makeup opaque, or to improve the feel of a product. However, in response to the growing trend of replacing talc with better received ingredients, we have come up with mineral sensory powders designed to substitute talc in cosmetic applications.


Sericite 0022

  • Cumple la normativa mundial
  • Transparente con acabado brillante
  • Tacto satinado y cremoso
  • Sin nanopartículas

Sensifeel Soft TA 

  • Cumple la normativa mundial
  • Transparente con acabado brillante
  • Sensación suave y de rocío
  • Sin nanopartículas

Sensifeel Mica-22

  • Cumple la normativa mundial
  • Proporciona opacidad
  • Tacto suave y cremoso
  • Sin nanopartículas

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