Whether for personal expression, minimizing imperfections, or highlighting natural beauty, consumers love experimenting with color. We provide solutions and technologies for delivering the perfect look – whatever the motivation.

With a large range of actives, botanical extracts and oils, we add sensorial dimension to natural make-up care. Check out our portfolio of ingredients for inspiration, and to help you customize and build your next color innovation.

Nowe premiery i kluczowe składniki


High purity basic direct hair dyes used for semi-permanent hair coloration…

Poznaj Arianor®.


A 100% natural extract obtained by spray drying a natural juice on a natural substrate…

Poznaj Natpure® ColFine


A high purity acid dye that neutralizes brassy and yellow tones, giving hair a more youthful look…

Poznaj Unicert® Violet


High quality and wide range of purified lakes, mineral, and organic pigments…

Poznaj Unipure®


Cost-effective and globally compliant wide range of lakes and organic pigments…

Poznaj Ariabel®


Surface treated quality mica-based pigments that provides pearlescent, stability, long lasting…

Poznaj Covapearl


Award winning 100% natural & hydrophobic surface treatment, extracted and upcycled from discarded aloe leaves…

Poznaj Aloe Surface Treatment


An optimized blend of ingredients selected to offer a safe product with good performances close to titanium dioxide…

Poznaj SensiOp White



Dyes, they play an important role in making our personal care products like creams…

Poznaj barwniki

Farby do włosów

We offer a variety of ingredients suitable for all types of hair color formulation; including…

Poznaj farby do włosów

Pigmenty i perły

From crimson lips to metallic eyeshadow, cosmetic colors have been a part of human…

Poznaj pigmenty i perły

Obróbka powierzchni

Sensient has developed a range of surface treatments that can completely change your customers’ experiences…

Poznaj metody obróbki powierzchni


Dispersions are a mixture of fine ground particles milled into a liquid that makes it easy to incorporate into fluid formulations…

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