Controlla il crespo e migliora la lucentezza con Sensibiopro® Pea

Hydrolyzed Pea Plant Protein

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*Currently only available in NA, LATAM & APAC at the moment

Human hair is made up of 80% of protein (keratin). The exposure of hair to environmental factors and aggressive chemicals leads to degradation and loss of hair proteins, leaving it brittle, dull, and “faded”.  That’s why providing protein to damaged hair could be restorative.

The Sensibiopro® line was developed to: repair keratin, improve hair elasticity, strengthen the hair shaft, and enhance the overall appearance of hair.

Sensibiopro Pea - Rinforzante per capelli

Peas, a tiny legume that is super rich in proteins and has one of the highest concentrations of fiber and protein per gram.. This is no novelty to vegans and vegetarians who have embraced it as a viable meat alternative for years, but it is now gaining strong credibility in the “hair care” category given its hair strengthening power.

Sensibiopro Pisello - Proteine idrolizzate

The hydrolyzed pea protein improves moisture retention in each strand, making it more flexible and less prone to breakage, as well as silkier and more aligned. Inspired to innovate, Sensient developed Sensibiopro® Pea.

Che cos'è Sensibiopro® Pea?

  • Proteine vegetali di pisello idrolizzate
  • INCI: Acqua (e) Proteine idrolizzate di pisello (e) Benzoato di sodio (e) Salicilato di sodio
Sensibiopro Pea - Controllo del crespo

Che cos'è una proteina "idrolizzata"?

Protein hydrolysis is the breakdown of protein into smaller peptides and free amino acids. This means that these smaller molecules are small enough to attach to or penetrate the hair shaft so the hair can benefit from it.

Quindi quali sono le proprietà e i benefici?

  • Migliora la lucentezza e il rafforzamento dei capelli
  • Controlla l'effetto crespo e il fly-away
  • Efficace a bassa concentrazione
  • Conformità globale

*Currently only available in NA, LATAM & APAC at the moment

Contact us to request a sample of Sensibiopro® Pea or arrange a VIVID session with us. We will be happy to introduce you to our latest ingredient launches and innovations.

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