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Sensient Beauty is your trusted partner that provides a broad portfolio of multi-sensorial beauty and personal care ingredients, focusing on consumer centered sensory experiences. As we like to say, we add life to products.  

As part of the Sensient Technologies Corporation, we are a leading global manufacturer and marketer of colors and other specialty ingredients. We use advanced technologies and robust global supply chain capabilities to develop specialized solutions for cosmetics and personal care, as well as products that serve the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and beverages industries.  

Founded in 1882 as a distillery, our company has undergone several transformations: from Meadow Springs Distillery to Red Star Yeast & Product Company to Universal Foods and, since 2000, Sensient Technologies. 

1. I nostri artisti

From ideation to production and commercialization, our team of experts craft perfection in every detail

2. Innovazione sapientemente realizzata

Our ingredients have an uncompromised quality

3. Esperienza sensoriale

Sensient Beauty is putting the individual’s sensory experience at the center of beauty

Today, Sensient Beauty is the leading ingredient supplier of pigments & dyes, active ingredients, texturing agents and color & fragrance protectors. All these is possible as we develop, produce and market ingredients of the highest quality based on 4 pillars.

In 2020, sitting under the Color group, Sensient Beauty merged with Sensient Industrial and became Sensient PCSM.

Sensient PCSM ha 2 marchi: 

  1. Sensient Beauty  
  2. Sensient Industrial per i mercati speciali, tra cui quello dell'assistenza domiciliare. 

Sensient Industrial is a leading global manufacturer of custom industrial colorants used in household and industrial cleaners, specialty coatings and agriculture product applications. Our singular goal is to continually lead the industrial colorant market as a trusted, long-term partner and supplier of quality products. 

Il nostro background

1984 – Sensient acquired Warner-Jenkinson, a leader in colors application to penetrate into the color business. Warner-Jenkinson became its cosmetic color division. 

1999 – Les Colorants Wackhree, the French market leader in dyes and pigments was integrated into the Sensient group.  A French company specialized in innovative raw materials and coloring ingredients for the cosmetic industry. 

2012 – Cardre Inc., a leading supplier of surface treated pigments, joined the group. 

2020 – Our latest acquisitions are Mazza Innovation Limited, a global leader in botanical extraction technology, and GlobeNatural, a leading natural food and ingredient company.  

Cosa facciamo

Today, Sensient Beauty is the leading supplier of: 

  • Pigmenti e coloranti 
  • Agenti di testurizzazione 
  • Principi attivi e protettori UV 

Find out more about our products here.

Come facciamo

All these is possible as we develop, produce and market ingredients of the highest quality based on our 7 step strategy: 

Run the Train on Time
Our teams thrive to make sure our customers are satisfied and get the product they need, when they need it.

We know beauty users are among the most demanding consumers. High performance expectations, quest for new experience and immediate gratification are driving cosmetic innovation at a very high pace. Sensient Beauty addresses this need for innovative natural ingredients by working closely with its customer.

We’re known to have strong reliable innovation as we utilize our international network of scientists with expertise ranging from color, skin care, sun care, hair care, fragrance and toiletries to identify unmet needs and tackle them with solutions that will change how tomorrow’s cosmetic products are made.

In addition to its proprietary technologies, the Cosmetic group may also rely on the competencies and technical know-how of the wider Sensient family. Sensient Technologies Corporation is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of colors, flavors and fragrances. 

Global Production Capability
We have expanded globally to increase our international footprint and can rely on factories located close to our customers to support their projects. 

We understand the need for digital transformation as more users move online. In anticipation, we’ve embraced digital platforms like Showpad for our sales team and also set up VIVID labs across the globe to connect with our customers remotely and directly using high-quality live visuals. We will constantly explore transformative opportunities to enable and inspire our digital strategy. 

Applications Support
We are supporting formulators by leveraging our network of formulation and R&D experts to advise and help cosmetic companies reach the level of performance they are looking for. We have regional Application laboratories located in the USA, Europe, Asia and Latin America to provide targeted technical support based on local customer needs. 

We are also fully committed to consumer safety and follow the strictest quality standards to achieve this goal. Our teams of Regulatory experts are at the forefront of new global regulation changes and work closely with the different regulatory bodies and governmental agencies regulating the cosmetic industry to advise and educate our customers on the latest changes. 

CSR Program
It is important to us that we are continuously expanding our robust portfolio of natural cosmetic solutions while committing to operate in an ever more sustainable and socially ethical approach. The responsibility of being sustainable in our practices is beyond the company, it is for our customers, consumers, employees, society and the environment. 

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability here

Dati sull'uguaglianza di genere

At Sensient, we believe that a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment are critical to the success of our business, and we are committed to supporting the advancement of women at all stages of their careers. 

In accordance with French Professional Equality Index for Men and Women aimed at eliminating the pay gap between women and men, Sensient have achieved a score of 99 out of 100 points in 2022 reflects our continuing commitment to increase women’s representation at all levels. 

The professional equality index for men and women is measured using four indicators: 

  • Divario retributivo tra uomini e donne
  • Differenza di incremento salariale individuale tra donne e uomini
  • Percentuale di dipendenti che ricevono un aumento dopo il ritorno dal congedo di maternità
  • Numero di dipendenti del sesso sottorappresentato tra i 10 che guadagnano di più

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40 sedi di produzione e ricerca e sviluppo in più di 20 paesi

Oltre 140 anni di crescita e innovazione

Oltre 4.000 dipendenti al servizio di clienti in più di 150 nazioni

42,2 milioni di dollari stanziati per la R&S nel 2022

Più di 775.000 dollari donati nel 2022 attraverso la Fondazione Sensient

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