How The Olympics Is Shaping Makeup Trends

Formulations that are in it to win it

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The 2024 Paris Summer Olympics is underway and this global event not only showcases athletic prowess but also becomes a canvas for expressive beauty trends, particularly in makeup.

Vivid and Patriotic Makeup Trends

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At the forefront of Olympic beauty are highly pigmented makeup palettes, eyeliners, and lipsticks. These products are not just about aesthetic appeal; they’re a celebration of national pride. Athletes and fans alike often opt for makeup in their country’s colors, turning their faces into symbols of support and unity.

Golden Terra: A Symbol of Olympic Ambition

The pursuit of the gold medal, a universal dream in the Olympics, finds its aesthetic counterpart in the beauty industry with the emergence of ‘Golden Terra‘, the Color of the Year 2024. This choice transcends traditional beauty trends, embodying the spirit of Olympic excellence and ambition. Athletes wearing ‘Golden Terra‘ in their makeup do more than enhance their appearance; they symbolically align their aesthetic expression with their athletic goals, embodying their pursuit for gold.

Olympic Makeup - Golden Terra

This color becomes more than a mere aesthetic statement; it transforms into a visual metaphor for the athletes’ aspirations. Whether it’s a sprinter with ‘Golden Terra‘ eyeshadow streaking towards the finish line or a swimmer cutting through the water with tinted lips, this hue mirrors the glint of the gold medal.

Performance Meets Beauty

Olympic Makeup - Performance

At the Olympics, where the stakes are as high as the spirits, makeup transcends its traditional role. It must endure not just the intensity of competition, but also the varied elements athletes face. This demand for resilience calls for formulations that are not just water and sweat-proof, but also offer high coverage that can withstand rigorous activity without clogging pores. For instance, in events like Synchronized Swimming, where aesthetics play a crucial role, makeup becomes an extension of the athlete’s performance. The synchronized swimmers, often seen with elaborately designed makeup, need products that can endure prolonged submersion in water, resisting the effects of chlorine while maintaining their vivid appearance.

Ease of application is another critical factor, especially in the Olympics’ fast-paced environment. Athletes and spectators alike require products that can be applied swiftly and accurately, matching the rapid tempo of the events. In addition, skincare benefits cannot be overlooked. Given the prolonged exposure to elements like sun and water, products infused with moisturizing ingredients and SPF protection become essential, offering athletes and fans alike a dual benefit of beauty and skin health.

Innovative Solutions in Olympic Makeup

In the demanding arena of the Olympics, where both performance and aesthetics are paramount, the role of advanced cosmetic ingredients like UNIPURE, ARIABEL pigments, as well as COVANOL and COVARINE dispersions becomes crucial. UNIPURE offers a comprehensive line of purified lakes, mineral, and organic pigments, meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous standards of the cosmetic industry. These pigments are renowned for their purity and intensity, making them ideal for creating makeup that is both striking and enduring.

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ARIABEL takes this a step further with its new grade of lakes and organic pigments, presenting a broad spectrum of shades. The food-grade lakes in this range are China CIQ compliant, ensuring they meet stringent safety standards. This versatility and safety make ARIABEL pigments perfect for creating a diverse palette of Olympic-themed makeup, from bold national colors to the sophisticated subtleties of ‘Golden Terra’.

COVANOL and COVARINE bring additional functional benefits to this mix. COVANOL selection of seven bright and vivid organic colors enhances the visual appeal of makeup, ensuring that it stands out in the highly visual and dynamic environment of the Olympics. On the other hand, COVARINE‘s organic pigment dispersions in a water-glycerin medium are ideal for products like peelable water-based polishes. They offer bright and intense colors with good stability, easy application, fast drying, and are particularly suited for events where quick and efficient makeup application is necessary.

Olympic Makeup - Patriotic 2

By leveraging these advanced pigment technologies and dispersions, Olympic makeup can achieve the perfect balance of durability, safety, and vibrancy. These ingredients are not just about creating makeup that looks good; they’re about formulating products that can withstand the challenges of Olympic events while enhancing the beauty and confidence of the athletes.

A Fusion of Performance and Style

Olympic Makeup - Innovation 2

Sensient’s innovative formulations capture the essence of the Olympics, beautifully represented in products like the Olympic medals eyeliner and eyeshadow. The eyeliner range features gold, silver, and bronze hues, mirroring the prestigious Olympic medals, designed for precision and endurance. Similarly, the eyeshadows, inspired by the iconic Olympic rings, utilize the ARIABEL range for their vivid, high-impact colors. The addition of SENSIFEEL MICA 22 and COVABEAD CRYSTAL offers a soft, powdery texture, while NATPURE FEEL M ECO acts as a binder to enhance resistance, ideal for the athletes’ rigorous routines.

Olympic Makeup - Silver Eyeshadow

For a touch of glamour, the Olympic medals eyeshadow features metallic shades in gold, silver, and bronze. The blend of MICA BA and SERICITE 300 S, combined with COVACRYL MV60, creates a unique, creamy texture. The metallic effect is achieved through a blend of COVARINE dispersions and COVAPEARL, ensuring these eyeshadows make a statement both on and off the field.

Olympic Makeup - Gold Bronze Eyeshadow

Lastly, the Golden Terra poured eyeshadow stands out with its bouncy texture, attributed to COVACRYL MV60. The formula’s oil phase, enriched with NATPURE FEEL M ECO, waxes, and butter, is stabilized by NATPURE SOL SL. The inclusion of COVARINE and COVAPEARL imparts the trendy Golden Terra hue, symbolizing the Olympic pursuit of excellence.

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