Pigments & Pearls

From crimson lips to metallic eyeshadow, cosmetic colors have been a part of human culture for centuries. Pigments are highly effective color additives used for make-up, nail, toiletries and skin care products, to create opacity, color effects and unique shades that resonate with consumers.

Unipure® – organic & inorganic pigments

  • Wide range of shades
  • High color strength
  • Superior batch to batch consistency, less shade adjustment
  • Superior chroma, superior dispersibility
  • Chemical purity
  • Bacteriological purity

Ariabel® – organic pigments

  • Wide range of shades
  • Good batch to batch consistency
  • Good chroma
  • Chemical purity
  • Bacteriological purity


Our Covapearl range showcase quality mica-based pigments that offer the opportunity to create striking visual effects in formulation. Surface treatment on pearl will improve pearlescent, stability, gloss, long lasting, compatibility with thickeners and rinsability in rinse off applications, providing formulations with the unique and innovative effects desired by the Personal Care industry; not only for color cosmetics, but also for many other applications in areas such as Skin Care, Sun Care and Hair Care.

SensiOp White – TiO₂ alternative

  • An optimized blend of ingredients selected to offer a safe product with good performances close to TiO₂
  • Brings whiteness, coverage and specific properties depending on the cosmetic applications
  • No nanoparticles therefore low risk when inhaled
  • Tinted moisturizer: SensiOp White C01 for light to medium skin tone shades
  • Lipsticks: SensiOp White C01 for light shades with coverage
  • Pressed powder: SensiOp White S01 for light shades with exceptional softness