The Shimmery Craze That’s Illuminating Faces and Bodies Around The Globe

COVAPEARL offer enhanced appearance with a luminous and sparkling effect on the hair and skin.

Luminosity and shimmer take center stage in the next seasons’ beauty trends, erasing the memories of pandemic restrictions. Prepare for an era where vibrant colors reign supreme for years to come.

Light-reflecting cosmetics have gained immense popularity due to their capacity to bring brightness to dull skin, impart a healthy radiance, and accentuate natural features. To achieve the desired effect, highlighters can be used on multiple areas of your face, such as your cheekbones, temples, brow bone, cupid’s bow, and the bridge of your nose. 

To an extent, consumers are applying light-reflecting cosmetics on eyes to bring the luminous sheer glow and shimmer to complement the overall glowing skin complexion. 

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Consumers are now venturing into a diverse range of colors to incorporate into their makeup look, giving a sense of uniqueness and distinctiveness and ultimately giving rise to the trend of “Glow it up all over”(De Lanci, 2022).

All about that sparkle

Opalescent particles infuse makeup with an enchanting shine, allowing you to sparkle and captivate. Experience liquid lipsticks that effortlessly glide across your lips, providing rich pigmentation and long-lasting wear. Cream-like powders enhance your complexion, sculpting your face with a bronze glow and adding an illuminating effect. Kaleidoscope-inspired eyeshadows in brilliant pastel shades dazzle your eyes, offering limitless possibilities. Explore silver shimmer nail polish, a whimsical addition for dimensional nails.

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Skincare that shines

Step into skincare that combines shimmer with beneficial ingredients, enhancing your natural glow over time. Gel-based body luminizers drench your skin with emollients and light-reflecting pearl pigments, creating a smooth and glossy finish. Multi-usage dry oils with fine pearl particles blur imperfections and nourish your skin. Illuminating body moisturizers transform everyday skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and ready to combat dryness.

Glow with the sun

Achieve a radiant complexion with illuminating serums that hydrate, brighten, and smooth your skin, catering to all skin tones. Even sunscreens have embraced the glow trend, offering lightweight lotions with an illuminating shimmer that adds a touch of luminescence without any heaviness.

Step into the luminous revolution of beauty, where colors shimmer and shine with captivating brilliance. To enhance your glow and create products that exude ethereal charm, explore the possibilities offered by Sensient’s COVAPEARL range.

The Covapearl difference

COVAPEARL, an innovative range by Sensient, offer enhanced appearance with a luminous and sparkling effect on the hair and skin. These versatile pearls can be used on various areas like the eyes, cheeks, or body, allowing consumers to express their creativity and experiment with different shades and finishes. Suitable for all skin type COVAPEARL are gentle and safe, making them ideal for sensitive skin.

In skincare formulations, COVAPEARL provide a natural-looking glow, thanks to their light-reflecting properties that help blur imperfections and create a smooth, even skin tone. Formulators can incorporate COVAPEARL into creams, lotions, and serums, enhancing the aesthetics and visual appeal of their products. This versatility offers differentiation, allowing brands to stand out from competitors. With COVAPEARL, consumers can tap on the shimmery trend, enjoying a radiant and healthy appearance. These pearls bring out the best in skin care formulations, delivering a mesmerizing luminosity that adds to the overall beauty experience. Discover the transformative power of COVAPEARL and unlock the potential to create captivating, shimmering products that captivate and inspire.

Coupled with our natural surface treatments, it can completely change your customers’ experiences with your products. These treatments provide hydrophilic, hydrophobic or both hydrophobic/hydrophilic properties, and are designed to help formulators optimize formulations in terms of stability, sensory, long-wear, shade fidelity and ease of processing. Our surface treated COVAPEARL portfolio can be customized according to the different regions; do reach out to us to find out more.

Sensient Beauty Natural Surface Treatments

Formulating with Covapearl

Shimmering Body Oil – SCT2436

The SHIMMERING BODY OIL – SCT 2436 lends a shimmery effect on skin, especially under strong sunlight. The formula utilizes a simple approach: the oil is thickened with the help of COVASILIC 15, which also facilitates the suspension of the pearls. Treating COVAPEARL optimizes its dispersion within the formulation. The desired golden appearance is achieved by incorporating COVAPEARL SPARKLING GOLD 238 AS, COVAPEARL DORE GOLD 232 AS or COVAPEARL SILVER 939 AS.

Biomim SPF25 Pearly Mineral Sun Milk – SCT2437

Experience the luxurious radiance of BIOMIM SPF25 PEARLY MINERAL SUN MILK. This non-whitening mineral sunscreen lotion offers exceptional UVA protection (PA+++). With the innovative UV ZNO PS45 AS, the whitening effect of minerals is minimized while ensuring outstanding UVA protection. Moreover, by incorporating SENSISORB BIOMIM you can reduce the usage of mineral filters by 32% while still achieving the same SPF value.

With the COVAPEARL range, revel in its opulent shimmer and glitter. The COVAPEARL range imparts a captivating and beautiful shimmering effect on both the skin and hair, adding a touch of luxury to your beauty routine.

Champagne Radiance Face Mask – SCT 2301B

Experience the effects of this nourishing mask in just 10 minutes. COVAPEARL range enhances skin’s natural brilliance, revitalizing the complexion with captivating radiance. Elevate your skincare ritual to new heights with this transformative and indulgent mask.

Superstar Glow Instant Glow Face Moisturiser – SCT2078A

An instant face moisturizer that lends the complexion a natural glow. Illuminate skin with a touch of magic, revealing an irresistible luminescence and hydration that shimmers and shine with every turn.

For more information on formulating with Covapearl and unlocking its captivating potential, contact us today. Our experts are ready to guide you on the journey of creating luminous and shimmering beauty products that will captivate and enchant. Reach out to us and let’s create something extraordinary together.

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