Surface Treatments

Sensient has developed a range of surface treatments that can completely change your customers’ experiences with your products. Those treatments provide hydrophilic, hydrophobic or both hydrophobic/hydrophilic properties. Our treatments can be synthetic or from natural origins and have been designed to help formulators optimize their formulations in terms of stability, sensory, long-wear, shade fidelity and ease of processing.

ALOE Surface Treatment

  • A 100% natural & hydrophobic odorless surface treatment
  • Easy to disperse and has high pigment load
  • Excellent spreadability, dry and light feel
  • Improves moisture, soothes sunburn and reduces irritations
  • Is global compliant and 100% natural according to ISO16128
  • Cosmos, Halal, Kosher certified
  • Vegan, Biodegradable and aligned with Nagoya Protocol

Sensient Beauty is proud to announce that Aloe Surface Treatment has won “Best Sensory Enhancing Ingredient” for PCHi 2023 Fountain Awards!


MO Surface Treatment

  • 100% Natural Derived Index according to ISO 16128
  • Soft and creamy feel with skin benefits
  • Hydropobic with high pigment load
  • Global, Halal & Kosher compliant
  • COSMOS and Fair for Life certified

Currently available at APAC