Main issues in formulation using pigments

  • Instable pigment agglomeration
  • Low wettability and dispersibility in cosmetic media
  • Incompatibility of the pigment with an ingredient in the formulation

A dispersion is a mixture of fine ground particles into a liquid or another solid in which they are not soluble. Sensient has a full range of natural or synthetic dispersions that make pigments,

Easy to use:

  • Perfect dispersion of pigments in medium
  • Milling free solution
  • Easy incorporation before or after doing the emulsion
  • Quick incorporation under simple stirring in the formulation
  • Immediate and easy adjustment of shade

Improves the quality:

  • Brighter colors and complete color strength development
  • Batch to batch consistency
  • Allows to make fluid formulation with high pigment load

Cost effective:

  • Significant saving cost and time in labor and equipment.
  • Less energy required
  • Easy to scale up