2024 Beauty Trends That Are Leading The Way

We have picked out these key trends from market intelligence agency WGSN that will impact the Personal Care and Beauty sector for the coming year and beyond.

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As 2024 unfolds, the Personal Care and Beauty sector is witnessing a surge of fresh trends that are reshaping consumer habits and industry norms. This year is marked by a fascinating amalgamation of technological breakthroughs, enhanced sensory experiences, and a deeper emphasis on health and wellness.

These elements are collectively steering the course for the coming year and beyond, Sensient Beauty has picked out these key trends from market intelligence agencies WGSN & Mintel that will impact the Personal Care and Beauty sector, and we shed light on the products that will be emerging in 2024.

#1: Hybrid Cleansers

The once-understated cleanser is now emerging as a pivotal player, challenging the long-held dominance of serums. This resurgence is powered by a new wave of science-driven, efficient solutions. With increased awareness about skin health, cleansing products have gained popularity, especially on platforms like TikTok, prompting consumers to re-evaluate the importance of this fundamental skincare step.

This trend addresses the growing consumer desire for products that save time, money, and effort, all while focusing on overall skin health. Importantly, there’s a shift towards formulations that cater to a diverse range of skin needs and concerns.

A noteworthy development within this trend is the rise of co-wash creations. These hybrid cleansers, combine cleansing and conditioning in one step, effectively ending the need for double cleansing. The transformative texture of these co-wash cleansers is a key aspect of their appeal, redefining the cleansing experience with their unique ability to change form during use.

For instance, a cleanser which starts as an oil balm, adept at dissolving impurities and makeup. As it’s massaged into the skin, it transforms into a cleansing milk, offering a gentle yet effective cleanse. By transforming in texture, these cleansers ensure a thorough cleanse without disrupting the skin’s natural balance.

Sensient’s Solution

Natpure Cellgum Plus

Natpure Cellgum Plus is making a notable impact in the beauty industry, especially within the hybrid cleanser trend. This unique blend, comprising microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), cellulose gum (CMC), and cellulose, stands out for its thixotropic properties and exceptional ability to suspend elements in cosmetic formulations.

2024 Beauty Trends - Natpure Cellgum Plus

A remarkable feature of Natpure Cellgum Plus is its dual behavior: it acts as a mist when sprayed from a distance and transforms into a gel when applied closer to the skin. This versatility allows for a variety of application methods, catering to different preferences and enhancing the user experience with its light, non-sticky texture.

Covacryl PA

Covacryl PA, a linear sodium polyacrylate, is becoming increasingly significant in the beauty industry, especially in enhancing cleanser formulations in line with the hybrid cleanser trend. This ingredient is known for its stringy, non-sticky texture, making it an excellent choice for high viscosity hydrogel formulas.

2024 Beauty Trends - Covacryl PA

The key cosmetic benefit of Covacryl PA lies in its ability to provide a smooth, lubricating texture to skincare products. It imparts a moisturizing feel upon application and leaves a thin, protective film on the skin. One of its standout features is the extended ‘play time’ it offers, allowing users to enjoy their skincare routine with a prolonged, satisfying application process.

#2: Cloud Textures

2024 Beauty Trends - Cloud Textures

2024 will witness a significant shift in K-Beauty with the emergence of cloud texture skincare, particularly addressing the needs of those with sensitive skin. This trend is defined by its unique, gentle, fluffy, and friction-free textures, specifically developed to soothe skin affected by various external and internal factors.

Distinct from the ‘cloud skin’ finish, their emphasis is on reducing irritation, making them suitable for both recovery and regular use. Examples of this can include cleansers which transforms from oil to foam, serving as a gentle double cleanser or cleansing masks that omit the use of clay so there is less abrasion on the skin.

Sensient’s Solution

Covacryl MV60

Covacryl MV60 mimics the feel of silicone elastomers, providing a luxurious velvet touch and powdery skin feel. Its standout feature is the long-lasting, fresh, and cooling sensation it imparts upon application, enhancing the user experience.

2024 Beauty Trends - Covacryl MV60

A key benefit of Covacryl MV60 is its contribution to the creation of fluffy, mousse-like textures in skincare products. When combined with powders or surface-treated pigments, it results in formulations that embody the light and airy characteristics central to the cloud texture trend.


Covagel, derived from potatoes, is a natural texturing agent that resonates with the cloud texture trend. As a natural alternative to Covacryl MV60, it offers a unique combination of properties for skincare formulations. Covagel’s standout feature is its ability to create powdery, cooling, and velvet-like textures, aligning with the trend’s preference for light, soothing skincare experiences.

2024 Beauty Trends - Covagel

This ingredient excels in creating translucent, mousse-like textures, providing a luxurious and comforting feel to skincare products. It’s particularly versatile, capable of gelling aqueous gels with high ethanol content or glycol, and offers instant thickening in DIY or waterless formulations. In water-based products, Covagel produces bouncy textures, while in oil or wax-based formulations, it contributes to transformative textures that are soft and easily rinseable.

#3: Focus On Oral Care

2024 Beauty Trends - Oral Care

Oral care is experiencing a beauty makeover, aligning with the shifting health and wellness priorities of consumers. Post-pandemic, there’s an increased focus on oral health, presenting an opportunity for beauty brands to innovate. This movement, known as the ‘skinification’ of oral health, is turning daily oral care into an engaging part of a holistic health regimen.

The trend also encompasses youth-led oral care, influenced by platforms like #TeethTok. This segment focuses on Gen Z’s preference for engaging and value-aligned oral care products. For example, the use of an interactive game which offers an inventive approach to educating young consumers about oral health or a breath spray combines peppermint extract for freshness and caffeine for an energy boost, appealing to the Gen Z-led chaotic wellness trend.

Flavor innovation is another facet, with brands introducing fun flavors such as watermelon, red velvet, and mango, using upcycled ingredients and dyes. These developments indicate a shift in oral care from merely functional to an experience that is both enjoyable and environmentally conscious, integrating the aesthetics and pleasure of beauty care with health benefits.

Sensient’s Solution

Natpure Xco Choco

Natpure Xco Choco, a 100% natural extract derived from the by-products of the chocolate industry, is gaining prominence in oral care due to its sustainable and upcycled nature. This COSMOS-certified ingredient contains antioxidant components like tannins and polyphenols from cocoa husk extract, offering protective benefits to the skin by neutralizing oxidative stress.

2024 Beauty Trends - Natpure Xco Choco

Its composition, free from preservatives and devoid of smell at recommended concentrations, makes it an adaptable component for various oral care formulations. The cocoa polyphenols in Natpure Xco Choco not only contribute to skin health maintenance but also provide photo protection and enhance skin elasticity, making it a valuable ingredient in oral care products focused on health and sustainability.

Using dyes to represent fun flavors

Sensient Beauty offers a spectrum of dyes that are suitable for oral care products. These dyes can be used to visually represent the exciting flavors being introduced, making products more appealing and distinctive on the shelves.

2024 Beauty Trends - Dyes

This combination of flavor innovation and visually appealing dyes exemplifies the evolving nature of oral care, where the experience of using the product is just as important as its functionality. By bridging the gap between beauty care aesthetics and oral health benefits, these developments are transforming oral care into a more holistic, sensory-rich practice.

#4: Sensual Scents

2024 Beauty Trends - Sensual Scents

The beauty industry in 2024 is embracing a more provocative edge with the rise of sensual scents. This trend in the fragrance category is all about fostering human connections, encapsulating the essence of attraction, intimacy, and shared experiences through bold and uninhibited aromas.

Following periods of isolation and distancing, consumers are increasingly drawn to fragrances that evoke intimate moments, offering an instant sensory connection to others. The popularity of #PheromonePerfume on TikTok, with over 320 million views, underscores the growing interest in scents that stimulate attraction and intimacy.

To tap into this trend, fragrance brands are encouraged to enhance aphrodisiac scents with ingredients like woody bases, spices, soft musks, and even more daring combinations that mimic natural skin scents. Extending these sensual scents into body care and wellness products like massage oils, candles, body creams, and bath products can further broaden their appeal, particularly among Gen Z and Millennials.

Sensient’s Solution

Covabsorb Nature GP

Covabsorb Nature GP is a 100% naturally derived ingredient which offers broad-spectrum UV protection, ensuring the longevity and stability of fragrances. Its low irritancy makes it suitable for sensitive skin, including babies and children, and its liquid form is compatible with hot processes up to 90°C.

2024 Beauty Trends - Covabsorb Nature GP

Covasorb Nature GP’s alignment with natural, environmentally safe beauty solutions enhances its relevance in the beauty industry, particularly in the sensual scents trend, where the durability and quality of fragrance are paramount. Its protective, natural, and high-performance qualities make it a valuable addition to fragrance-focused formulations.

Our expertise in innovative formulation solutions will empower your brand to meet and exceed evolving market demands with sophistication and precision. For tailored guidance on aligning your product line with the latest beauty trends, contact us.

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