Color & Fragrance Protection

Dyes and fragrances are very sensitive to external factors such as pH, oxidation, temperature, UV radiations and metallic catalysis. To avoid discoloration and losing scent intensity, we offer molecules that are capable of absorbing UV radiations and have anti-oxidant properties.

Colors are used in cosmetics to make their appearances more attractive. Dyes are commonly used to color a product, keeping transparency. Water soluble and oil soluble dyes are used at low concentration so it colors only the formula and not the skin. However it can have light stability issues such as color fading over time. 

Fragrances are used in perfumes or cosmetics to offer a pleasant smell when you wear the product on your body to mask odors. Fragrance and essential oils are the two commonly used ingredients to make a product smell good. They are usually oil based, consisting a blend of complex chemical compounds hence it often creates instability in a formula, altering the fragrance profile. 

Introducing the Covabsorb® & Sensisorb range, a patented synergistic composition of UV absorbers with antioxidant properties for color and fragrance protection for different formulations. 

Color & Fragrance Protector Range - Nov 2023

Sensisorb Biomim

  • Single compound that provides UV protection with SPF booster properties, color & fragrance protection
  • UVA & UVB Absorption
  • Color & Fragrance protection
  • Free of OMC & BHT
  • Increase skin protection
  • Improve the color stability of your cosmetic products

Covasorb® Nature GP

  • 100% naturally derived UV absorber blend
  • Protects color and fragrance potency over time
  • Low irritancy and sensitization makes it ideal for sensitive skin
  • OMC free, BHT free and EHS free
  • Safe for the environment, readily biodegradable

Currently available at EMEA. Launching globally Q1 2024.

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