Theobroma Cacao (cocoa) Extract

A 100% natural extract obtained from by product of the chocolate industry with antioxidant properties

– Non cutaneous irritant – OECD439
– Non ocular irritant – OECD 492
– Non mutagenic – OECD 471
– Non phototoxic – OECD432


Skin Actives

Regional Availability



Bath & Shower, Eye, Fine Fragrance, Hair Care, Liquid, Makeup, Oral Care, Pet Care, Skincare, Suncare


Technical Benefits

- Soluble in water
- 100% active matter
- Can be used in skin care, hair care, personal care
- High stability, no darkening nor fading with time. Maintain inherent color after processing.* (30 times more intense than COSMOS caramel.)
*Disclaimer: “Natpure™ Xco Choco CC864 is used for easy incorporation into a variety of beauty and personal care products.  It is an active ingredient rich in various phytochemicals, such as polyphenols and tannins, that have demonstrated antioxidant benefits.  We have endeavored to minimize the processing of these extracts to the extent possible; as such, these extracts maintain their inherent color after processing.  All intended uses of Natpure™ Xco Choco CC864 as well as any claims associated with your finished product, should be compatible with all applicable federal, state and local regulatory requirements.”

Cosmetic Benefits

Contains anti-oxidant active ingredients from cocoa husk extract (Tannin + polyphenol)
Without preservatives
No smell at advised concentration
Impart a natural aspect to formulations