Couleurs de l'année 2024 Tendances maquillage : CyberGem et Golden Terra

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Sensient’s 2024 Colors of the Year, CyberGem and Golden Terra, encapsulate a forward-thinking approach to color innovation in cosmetics. CyberGem, a radiant fuchsia shade, draws inspiration from the digital world and the mystical properties of amethyst, symbolizing protection and depth. On the other hand, Golden Terra embodies an earthy, warm brown that resonates with trends of sustainability and simplicity, echoing the consumers’ increasing connection to the natural world. These selections by Sensient are designed to bridge the gap between high-tech influences and organic aesthetics, offering versatile applications in beauty products that aim to capture the essence of both modernity and tradition.

La personnalisation de l'essence terrienne de Golden Terra

Aperçu de COTY 2024 - Golden Terra

Achieving the rich, earthy hue of Golden Terra in beauty product formulations requires a careful selection of pigments and dyes from Sensient’s extensive range. This versatile color can be adapted across various product types, from powders to liquids and skincare to bath products, by leveraging specific ingredients that not only impart rich color but also enhance product performance and user experience.

Makeup (Powder Form):
For powdered makeup formulations, start with the UNIPURE range, which includes mineral, lakes, and organic pigments. Adding depth with ARIABEL lakes and refining texture with NATPURE COLFINE enhances the blend. The COVAPEARL range adds shimmer, and treated pigments such as AS, AS-EM, ALOE, and others improve adherence and sensory feel.

Makeup (Liquid Form):
In liquid makeup, both water-based and oil-based approaches can be utilized. Water-based formulations might combine UNIPURE pigments with COVAPEARL and treated pigments for a consistent color and luxurious feel, stabilized by COVARINE dispersion. Oil-based options can include similar treated pigments, with dispersions like COVANOL and COVALIGHT to ensure smooth application.

In skincare, integrating UNICERT-J global dyes and NATPURE COL natural dyes provides broad compatibility. NATPURE XCO CHOCO CC864 can deepen the hue, while SENSISORB technologies protect the color integrity.

Bath and Shower:
For bath and shower products, maintaining the Golden Terra color with UNICERT-J and NATPURE COL dyes, enhanced by NATPURE XCO CHOCO CC864, ensures consistency. Color protection agents like COVABSORB EW and DS preserve the vibrancy and prevent fading over time.

Donner vie à CyberGem

Aperçus COTY 2024 - CyberGem

To infuse beauty products with the vibrant hue of CyberGem, a thorough understanding and selection of Sensient’s ingredients across different product formats are essential. This vivid fuchsia reflects a blend of digital inspiration and natural allure, suitable for a variety of cosmetic applications.

Makeup (Powder Form):
Begin with the UNIPURE range, selecting ultramarine, manganese, and other organic pigments for their vividness. Enhance these with ARIABEL lakes and refine the texture using NATPURE COLFINE. The addition of COVAPEARL, both synthetic and natural, introduces a shimmering effect, while treated pigments like AS, AS-EM, and ALOE ensure better adhesion and a pleasant sensory experience.

Makeup (Liquid Form):
In water-based formulations, mix ultramarine and manganese from the UNIPURE range with ARIABEL lakes and NATPURE COLFINE for foundational color. Include COVAPEARL for added sparkle and treat with AQ and PHY pigments for improved performance, all stabilized by COVARINE WS dispersion. For oil-based products, use similar treated pigments and ensure smooth application with dispersions such as COVANOL, COVASORB, and COVASOP.

Utilize UNICERT-J global dyes and NATPURE COL natural dyes for their compatibility and wide appeal. To protect the integrity of the CyberGem color, incorporate technologies like SENSISORB CF+ and SENSISORB BIOMIM.

Bath and Shower:
Maintain consistency and vibrancy in bath and shower products using UNICERT-J and NATPURE COL dyes. Protect the color from the harsh conditions of bath and shower environments with COVABSORB EW, COVABSORB DS, and SENSISORB technologies.

Les teintes signature de Sensient : Golden Terra et CyberGem en formules prêtes à l'emploi

Our ready formulations designed around the Colors of the Year, Golden Terra and CyberGem, offer a streamlined approach for brands looking to quickly incorporate these trending shades into their product lines. These formulations are crafted to ensure consistency, performance, and market appeal, allowing beauty brands to seamlessly introduce these vibrant and earthy tones into their offerings with minimal development time.

Eyeliner longue tenue - SCT6465 SME

Long Lasting Eyeliner leverages the color vibrancy of COVARINE dispersions, blended in glycerin for smooth application. The inclusion of COVACRYL MS11 WP as a film former ensures that the eyeliner delivers sharp definition while providing long-lasting wear throughout the day. This formulation is designed for optimal performance, combining rich color saturation with lasting durability to meet the demands of daily use.

Illuminateur pour les yeux, les lèvres et les joues - SCT6514 SM

The Eye Lip Cheek Illuminator offers brilliant shimmer for multifunctional use across the face, including eyelids, lips, and cheeks. Its unique texture is crafted with COVACRYL RH, which mimics an oil-like feel, while SENSIBEAD SI 175 provides a powdery finish. The illuminator’s vibrant color comes from COVAPEARL AQ pearls, known for their excellent adhesion, and can be enhanced with COVARINE dispersions. Long-lasting wear is achieved through COVACRYL E14 WP, and FUCOSORB 3ALGA adds a moisturizing and soothing touch to the skin.

Bâton pour les lèvres et les joues - SCT4312

The Multiple Lip & Cheek Stick offers a versatile and portable solution for adding a splash of color to both lips and cheeks. This dual-purpose stick glides effortlessly onto the skin, providing a lightweight, nourishing touch of color. Formulated with COVAPATE pigments, it offers blendable and buildable coverage, enhanced by COVAPEARL pearlescent pigments for a subtle glow. Ideal for solo use or layered for more intense color, this stick delivers both convenience and performance in a single swipe.

Blush crème fondant - SCT6515 SMB

The Melting Cream Blush offers a versatile, seamless blend from sheer to saturated tones for a natural, healthy-looking flush. Infused with UNIPURE ALOE—pigments treated with a blend of coconut oil and aloe vera—this blush ensures a lightweight, buildable application that doesn’t feel greasy. The multitasking cream formula transitions smoothly to a powder finish thanks to SERICITE 0022 BA, enhancing both ease of use and lasting beauty.

Fard à joues liquide Superdewy - SCT4310

The Superdewy Liquid Blush is a lightweight, dewy gel cream blush designed to give a natural flush of color. Its formula includes COVANOL pigment dispersions for ease of use, and it features a chubby doe-foot applicator for varied intensity—from a subtle tint to a bolder look. The blush integrates sensory powders like SENSIBEAD SI 175, COVAFLUID AMD, and SERICITE 300 S, ensuring a seamless application and a radiant, glowy finish, enhanced by COVAPEARL PINK 433.

Ombre à paupières lustrée - SCT6516 SMS

The Lustrous Eyeshadow enhances, highlights, and sculpts the eyes with its nude and radiant colors, promoting a natural, healthy glow. Formulated with SERICITE 0021, a creamy mica, it glides effortlessly across the eyelids, imparting a subtle sheen. COVABEAD CRYSTAL adds a “ball bearing” effect for a soft, creamy feel and improved spreadability on the skin. Additionally, a combination of COVAPEARL, UNIPURE, and ARIABEL pigments creates a seductive, sparkling effect with just a few strokes.

Mèches de couleur - SCT6517 HST

Enhance your hair with temporary color streaks using this innovative hair makeup mascara. This formula incorporates a mix of pigments and pearls for vibrant streaks, with water-based pigment dispersions COVARINE and COVASOP facilitating smooth application. A touch of pearly shimmer is added by COVAPEARL, and COVACRYL E14 WP provides resistance to water and humidity. Simply comb the wand through your hair for uniform distribution, dry quickly with a hairdryer for 30 seconds, and enjoy the color until your next shampoo.

Shampooing Golden Terra - SCT6520 HC

experience the earthy tones that bring a soothing comfort reminiscent of nature into your beauty routine. This shampoo uses globally compliant UNICERT J dyes and the COVAPEARL range for color. SENSISORB CF+ is added to enhance both the color and fragrance stability, ensuring a lasting sensory experience.

Bâton parfumé doré - SCT2464 

The Golden Perfumed Stick offers an innovative approach to fragrance in a convenient, travel-friendly format. This alcohol and water-free stick glides smoothly on the skin thanks to NATPURE FEEL-M ECO. It features captivating colors from Unicert Violet K7014-J, Natpure Col Orange LC214L, and Covapearl Doré Gold 232 AS, making it resemble a piece of jewelry. Covabsorb ensures long-lasting stability, allowing you to explore creative possibilities in color.

Explore the innovative power of Sensient Beauty’s formulations to elevate your beauty line. Each product, from vibrant blushes to nurturing shampoos, is crafted to inspire and enhance.

Discover more about these captivating solutions by contacting us and begin your journey into the future of cosmetic creativity.

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