Marques indépendantes

Sensient Beauty is a supplier of raw ingredients for beauty. It is the place where beauty start. With Sensient ingredients, you can formulate peace of mind.

Allégations, étiquettes et listes d'ingrédients des produits cosmétiques

Did you know that ANY cosmetic brand, even small cosmetic brands, are directly responsible for their cosmetic claims, labels and ingredient lists? This includes links to external websites, even if they are research or testimonials; and ALL of your social media posts. Just because another brand has non-compliant cosmetic claims or labels does not exempt you from what YOU have on your labels, website and posts. Customers and competitors can report you to Regulatory Authorities at any time – breaking these rules can result in recalls and fines – don’t risk it! Learn the rules to get your labels and claims right.

La sécurité avant tout

Each pigment is tested on heavy metal, each ingredient comes with information on residual solvent, residual monomer (when applicable). Natural colors are guaranteed 100% natural, non gmo, no pesticide.

Ex: Our pigments Unipure LC are tested on 12 heavy metals. Ariafine are tested on 16 heavy metals to comply the toy industry, our Natpure Xfine colors dossier contain information on proteins and pesticides.


Each ingredients comes with a cosmetic dossier with all the ingredients you will need to label correctly.

For example: Unipure LC range is global compliant (comply all local regulations). Our Hair color dye Arianor have the highest purity you can find on the market.



All the claims of our ingredients are objectivized.


We provide certificate for Cosmos, Halal, Kosher, Vegan, Fair for Life, Amazonian rainforest… Check in our product finder.

Où s'informer sur les tendances

You want to check if your ideas are in the trends, you want to learn about your competitor moves to align with the trends.

Où trouver les ingrédients et produire

If you want to produce internally

Sourcing: You are an indie brand and it may be difficult to source ingredients directly from producers. Moreover, there are some fake ingredients on the market. If you want to make sure you buy the original ingredients, contact us to get the list of our EZ supply ingredients, a selection of ingredients with a short lead time maximum 14 days and available in a 1kg pack size and the list of our distributors in your region (if we don’t sell directly)

If you want to purchase from a subcontractor

List of subcontractor working with Sensient ingredients in your region:

Our partners have samples of our formulations. You can find our formulation description on our website. Contact us to get the list of our partners in your regions.

Vous avez besoin d'aide

You want to learn more about our ingredients, check our digital learning lab videos and social media platforms. We will show you step by step in a video how to manufacture our formulation in the lab scale.

Parlez à nos experts

If you cannot find the video on the formula you are interested in, contact us.