Braun ist das neue Grün: Wie umweltfreundliche Beauty-Marken erdige Töne bevorzugen

In recent years, brown has become increasingly popular as a color associated with nature, earthiness, and warmth. From fashion, beauty to interior design, many are embracing brown tones as a way to...

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In recent years, brown has become increasingly popular as a color associated with nature, earthiness, and warmth. From fashion, beauty to interior design, many are embracing brown tones as a way to bring a sense of grounding and connection to the natural world into their lives.

According to a recent survey, 87% of Gen Z and 73% of Millennial consumers are motivated to buy skin care products that are produced using methods that have the least impact on the environment.

This shift in consumer behavior has led to a surge in demand for eco-friendly beauty and personal care products that not only benefit the consumer, but also have a positive impact on the environment. Beauty brands are responding to this trend by developing products that are natural, sustainable and use environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Protopians are one of six consumer personas identified by WGSN that will emerge by 2024. They are committed to creating a better future and transforming the beauty industry through nature-based innovation that preserves the planet for all. They believe that small changes can make a big difference and are well established in Europe, North America and South East Asia, with a growing presence in key APAC regions, including China, and strong momentum in LATAM.

With a growing environmental demand for upcycling, upcycled ingredients are becoming the next evolutionary step towards more sustainable beauty and personal care products. While it may seem niche today, it is expected to become an industry standard by 2030. Formulating with upcycled ingredients not only appeals to eco-conscious consumers, but also adds value, reinforces the brand message and sustainability story, and helps solve the problem of 1.3 billion tonnes of food wasted globally, ultimately preserving the planet. The Protopians are leading this shift towards more sustainable practices in the beauty industry.

There is a new wave in skincare that emphasizes the use of raw ingredients and a raw look that is instantly recognizable by its physical appearance. Brown can play an important role in this trend, as it is a color often associated with natural, unprocessed materials. This new approach to skincare is all about simplicity and this extends to packaging. Brown packaging with minimalist designs is becoming increasingly popular as it reinforces the connection to nature and the use of natural ingredients. Brands are embracing this trend by incorporating shades of brown into either the product itself or the packaging, and it is fast becoming a staple of the eco-conscious skincare movement.

Sensient Beauty is a leading supplier of innovative ingredients that help formulators stay ahead of the curve in the beauty industry. They are constantly pushing boundaries to deliver new and exciting ingredients that tap into the latest skincare trends.

Natpure Xco Choco CC864

NATPURE XCO CHOCO CC864 is a unique ingredient developed by Sensient Beauty that taps into the trend of using upcycled ingredients in skincare. This innovative ingredient is derived from the cacao husk, usually discarded by the food industry, and contains powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that nourish the skin and protect it from environmental stressors. It is soluble in water, 100% active matter, and can be used in skin care, hair care, and personal care products.

The extract is highly stable, maintaining its inherent color after processing, which is 30 times more intense than COSMOS caramel, and does not darken nor fade with time. In addition to its technical benefits, the extract contains anti-oxidant active ingredients from cocoa husk extract, such as tannins and polyphenols, that provide cosmetic benefits. It is free of preservatives and has no smell at the advised concentration. The NATPURE XCO CHOCO CC864 imparts a natural aspect to formulations, making it an excellent choice for beauty and personal care products.


Chocolicious Shampoo Bar - SCT6369 HC

The Chocolicious Shampoo Bar is the perfect product for those looking for a natural, eco-conscious hair care solution. Packed with chocolicious ingredients, including a high concentration of cocoa butter, this shampoo bar nourishes hair and provides a luxurious sensory experience. The NATPURE XCO CHOCO CC684, derived from the by-product of the chocolate industry, adds to the natural and sustainable theme of the product. As a 100% natural extract, it is an excellent example of upcycling and how waste can be transformed into valuable ingredients for beauty products. By incorporating this extract, the Chocolicious Shampoo Bar caters to the trend of using raw, unprocessed ingredients in skincare while also providing cosmetic benefits such as added shine and protection from environmental stressors. With its brown color, the shampoo bar fits perfectly within the brown-themed beauty products trend.

Kräuter-Haarwäsche - SCT6371A HC

The Herbal Hair Wash is a luxurious and relaxing experience that stimulates the senses with its blend of cedarwood and orange scents. This shampoo is also infused with NATPURE XCO CHOCO CC684 which contains antioxidants that nourish and protect the hair, leaving it looking and feeling healthy. To maintain the clarity of the formula, SOLUBILISANT LRI is added to solubilize the essential oils, and SENSISORB BIOMIM, an OMC and BHT free bio-mimetic protector, is used to preserve the fragrance. The Herbal Hair Wash is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a natural and eco-friendly hair care product that also provides a relaxing and luxurious experience.

Xco Choco Ultraleicht-Feuchtigkeitscreme - SCT6375 SCF

Xco Choco Ultralight Moisturizer is a highly nourishing and caring formula, perfect for those looking for a light yet effective moisturizer. This formula contains four key ingredients, each with its own unique benefits. NATPURE CELLGUM PLUS, a natural thickener derived from tree fibers co-processed with cellulose, provides a instant melting sensation on application. NATPURE SOL SL, a COSMOS-certified natural emulsifier derived from sugar cane, conditioned with NATPURE FEEL M-ECO, gives the lotion a light emollient touch. To enhance its nourishing properties, the formula is enriched with NATPURE XCO CHOCO CC864 with antioxidant properties thanks to the presence of polyphenol.

Natpure Col Braun

NATPURE COL BROWN, is caramel derived through a controlled heat treatment process of glucose in the presence of ammonium compounds, known as atomization. This process results in a natural brown color that is soluble in water and imparts a clear water-based solution. The resulting ingredient offers a wide range of brown shades, from light beige to deep brown, making it ideal for natural-looking cosmetics. The ingredient meets purity criteria and characteristics set by the EC Food Directive 2008/128/EC and is also COSMOS (Nature) certified. It is highly stable in heat and compatible with DHA, making it suitable for use in a variety of applications, including make-up, skin care, sun care, toiletries, self-tanning products, and even oral care.


Karamellhaltiges Duschgel - SCT6436 PC

Caramelicious Duschgel

The Caramel-icious Shower Gel is a luxurious shower gel that imparts a warm, golden brown shade to the product, thanks to the addition of NATPURE COL BROWN LC 814L, a natural food dye. This caramel dye is highly soluble in water and available in a liquid form, making it easy to incorporate into any formula. As a natural and eco-conscious alternative to synthetic dyes, NATPURE COL BROWN LC814L is an excellent choice for brands looking to create an alluring, caramel-inspired aesthetic for their personal care products, while also prioritizing natural and sustainable ingredients.

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