Top Beauty Trends To Look Out For In 2022

The last two years have seen tumultuous changes to the beauty industry with brands adapting quickly to meet trends that emerged as a result of lockdowns, mask-wearing practices and rising self-care needs....

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The last two years have seen tumultuous changes to the beauty industry with brands adapting quickly to meet trends that emerged as a result of lockdowns, mask-wearing practices and rising self-care needs. 2022’s trends transpire as the world sheds the doom and gloom of the pandemic and looks for innovative ways to satisfy skin needs, with a strong connection to nature. Here are some key trends picked out by beauty experts from WGSN for 2022 and beyond.

1. Waterless Washing

Even without the pandemic in the picture, water scarcity remains a key concern around the world. The World Wildlife Fund predicts that two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages by 2025 with our current consumption rate. One response to this would be waterless washing, which often features products that come in a powder form. The omission of water in a formula also means the overall weight of the product is lighter, reducing the amount of energy to ship while cutting down on the packaging required.

The minimalistic approach to cleaning which comes alongside waterless washing focuses the washing only on the smelliest parts of the body, which also reduces water consumption and doesn’t disrupt the microbiome of the skin.

2. Two-Minute Makeup Bag

The last two years have seen a changing shift in the way people view makeup. Lockdowns and remote work saw the need for multi-tasking makeup that offers fast and convenient ways to look made up and presentable for Zoom meetings. In 2022, as the world transits to a hybrid between remote and office work, consumers still seek out the convenience of multi-tasking makeup, opting for low-maintenance and natural looks that can be done in a jiffy. This means a continued interest in products that offer both skincare and makeup benefits like tinted moisturizers, BB cushions or souped-up foundations, or products that don’t require much precision to apply like lip and cheek tints or eyebrow mascaras.

3. Fermented Beauty

Fermentation is deeply rooted in Asian beauty, with Korean and Japanese brands leading the pack. Fermentation occurs when micro-organisms break down compounds into simpler and smaller compounds, which are in turn easily absorbed by the skin. Common ingredients used for fermented skincare include rice, mushroom, and tea—ingredients that are often favored by those who prefer holistic and natural beauty products. The by-product of fermentation can also create a cornucopia of antioxidants and probiotics which are beneficial to the skin and supports the skin’s natural microbiome.

4. Beauty Snacking

In a shift that has also stemmed from lockdowns and working from home, people are turning to smaller ad-hoc beauty fixes throughout the day as opposed to elaborate day and nighttime skincare routines. These flash treatments can include eye masks and patches that reduce puffiness under the eye, LED light gadgets that brighten skin, or guasha tools to relieve tension before a Zoom meeting. Consumers turn to these no-mess and easy-to-apply products (Think: rollerball eye creams or swipe-and-go sticks), or even consumables in the form of collagen jellies and supplements to help achieve a screen-friendly glow.

5. Wild Bathing

An unexpected trend that has ignited during the pandemic is the desire to connect to nature, sparking interest in hobbies like hiking, forest bathing, and fashioning small apartments into indoor gardens. On the beauty front, reconnecting with nature takes the form of slow bathing and outdoor bath experiences, mimicking age-old beauty therapies like Japanese onsen and Victorian bathing machines. Products and bathroom accessories that call to the therapeutic qualities of water or help recreate nature in their own home will continue to see an uptick in 2022.

6. Coastal-Foraged Ingredients

2022 Top Beauty Trends - Coastal Foraged Ingredients

Stemming from the need to connect to nature, there is also continued interest in naturally-derived ingredients, especially marine and coastal-foraged ingredients. Seaweed, kelp, sea fennel, sea moss and marine algae have become mainstream ingredients that are prized for their resilience, hydration, soothing and restorative properties.

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