2022 Beauty Megatrends by Sensient

As we ease into the pace of 2022, some skincare and makeup trends are making headway as the leading trends for consumers. The beauty experts from WGSN have picked out the top beauty...

As we ease into the pace of 2022, some skincare and makeup trends are making headway as the leading trends for consumers. The beauty experts from WGSN have picked out the top beauty trends for 2022 and beyond. At Sensient, understanding the beauty market, helping companies to innovate and be ahead of beauty trends is the core of what we do. We’ve done our homework and here are the Beauty Megatrends by Sensient, skincare and makeup trends paving the way.

Back to Basics

Image: Dr Barbara Sturm

Modern women juggle many roles and while there is a focus on the importance of self-care, many of these women find it hard to spare the time for elaborate skincare routines and tend to prefer a no-frills approach to skincare.

This is also echoed by an overall trend of minimalism, with consumers opting for skincare with simple but efficacious formulations that are backed by dermatologists. This sentiment is reflected in brands like Dr Dennis Gross, Dr Barbara Sturm, and Allies of Skin for their minimalist packaging and potent ingredients.


Image: Chanel N°1 DE CHANEL

Though a relatively novel concept just five years ago, sustainability has been the goal of many skincare brands, including big luxury brands like Chanel and Hermès. The approach to sustainability is often multi-fold; focusing on sustainably-sourced ingredients that are derived naturally, or the introduction of recycled materials or refillable options for their packaging. Notably, the N°1 DE CHANEL features recycled glass and refillable options for the cream.

Though late to the beauty game, Hermès Beauty’s launch in 2020 was considered and measured when it came to sustainability, Creative Director Pierre Hardy designed the packaging to not only be beautiful objects but refillable and eco-friendly as well.

A new wave of sustainability effort is set to come in the form of pigments or formulas derived from waste, as well as the introduction of trans-seasonal shades to reduce leftover stock.

Sensorial and Uplifting Colors

Colors play a huge role in mood setting and their ability to support emotional healing has been studied extensively. Color makeup like lipsticks and eyeshadows can support chromotherapy, a type of treatment that uses colors to treat certain mental and physical health.

Those looking to calm anxiety will benefit from shades like blues and greens while pinks and oranges can help energize and boost the mood. Sensient’s Color of the Year 2022 Radiant Pink is a gorgeous pink liken to a sensual touch or warm hug.

In 2022, we expect Radiant Pink to come to life in many ways, including:

  • A hint of color and care – Natural-looking makeup, embraced by a volley of lightweight textures with skin care benefits.
  • Lip color and hydration – Hybrid lip products that act like balm but wear like lipstick, perhaps with a pearlescent finish.
  • Sensorial eye shadow – Intended to give the just-woke-up-from-a-nap look, a glossy finish awakens and brightens eyes.
  • The radiant face – Pairing foundation and blush for a dewy, healthful, yoga skin appearance.
  • A nails moment – Luminous nails using the cozy and comfortable Radiant Pink hue and golden amber shades from our palette.
  • Natural hair color – Reassuring amber-cast blondes and browns, plus cool duos with ash tones.

Hybrid Makeup

Targeted at consumers who are time-strapped, hybrid makeup offers the best of both worlds. High-performance makeup does more than just mask imperfections — primers, foundations and concealers now boast potent skincare actives that protect, hydrate and even offer anti-aging benefits.

Image: Dolce&Gabbana Beauty

Dolce&Gabbana Beauty’s Millennialskin On-The-Glow Tinted Moisturiser is the perfect example of a hybrid makeup, offering a lightweight coverage to blur away imperfections, while keeping skin hydrated with its Mediterranean Glow Complex, alongside SPF30 PA+++ protection against UV damage.

Halal Beauty

As smaller halal brands have found success and support from the Muslim community, larger brands have taken notice of this previously untapped market and followed suit. Halal makeup does not contain any animal by-product, thus cruelty-free, and should also be free of alcohol.

Beauty Megatrends - Halal Inika Organic
Image: Inika Organic

Inika Organic from Australia offer both makeup and skincare, making it the ultimate one-stop-shop for Muslim beauty lovers. From glow-getting serums to pigmented blushers, vegan mascaras, and do-it-all cleansers.

This is a unique market as non-Muslim customers who are seeking out cruelty-free products can also turn to halal-certified beauty brands when looking for ethical and sustainable color cosmetics.

Male Beauty

Image: Tom Ford Beauty

No longer just an arena for the effeminate, makeup for men is gaining prominence thanks to the popularity of Korean pop artistes and their various endorsements for beauty brands.

Masculinity, on a whole, has also been redefined as men embraced the concept of self-care and begin investing more in their appearance and daily skincare and grooming routine. Luxury brand Chanel has also started the BOY de Chanel, a makeup and skincare line exclusively for men. Tom Ford Beauty has also followed suit with its own range of makeup and skincare for men. Makeup for men focuses on using makeup to make subtle and often imperceptible enhancements to features like the brows or complexion.

Lip Color

Lipsticks have taken a backseat due to mask-wearing mandates during the pandemic, but as the world begins to relax the rules surrounding mask-wearing, there is a rise in demand for long-wearing lip colours.

Image: Stila

Lipsticks should serve the purpose of lip enhancement, all while hydrating lips and being non-transferrable in situations where mask-wearing is required. Long-wearing technology like Stila’s Stay All Day range has also expanded into lip liners to further enhance lip color’s longevity.

Lip stains have also seen a resurgence in popularity for their long-wearing power and weightless texture.

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