Sensient’s Global Innovations in Natural Cosmetics

From our headquarters in France to our Global Innovation Center in Singapore and locations in every region of the globe, product development is always in motion at Sensient. We live and breathe...

From our headquarters in France to our Global Innovation Center in Singapore and locations in every region of the globe, product development is always in motion at Sensient. We live and breathe innovation, turning industry trends and deep research into ingredients and formulations that help brands take exciting new cosmetics and personal care products to market. And with much of the buzz in the beauty world today centering on natural ingredients and sustainable practices, Sensient is uniquely positioned to deliver on what consumers want right now.


We all know sustainability is a key priority across all industries and one that has been accelerated by COVID-19. The pandemic-induced lockdowns have changed the way we live and work and consequently, our negative impact on the environment has declined. This is demonstrated by a drop in pollution levels and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as an increase in air and water quality. This change has been tangible for many, giving consumers a newfound appreciation of nature and a strong will to do more to protect it.

Clean natural sustainable beauty

Another sustainable concept gaining traction is waterless beauty, which initially originated in South Korea as a way to increase product efficacy. Water is commonly used in cosmetics as a filler, however this reduces the product’s effectiveness meaning more must be consumed. Consequently, more packaging is required, which if not recycled, is either sent to landfill or discarded, potentially causing harm to wildlife. Take a look at some of our solid format hair care and color formulations here.

Naturally derived ingredients

Demand for natural ingredients is also on the rise, particularly in Europe where a growing ageing population craves natural ingredients with active anti-ageing properties, and influential millennial and Gen Z consumers favour organic products.

Spotlight on skincare

For several years, innovation in skincare has been fuelled by the rise of knowledgeable consumers, known as ‘skintellectuals’. The widespread lockdowns due to the pandemic have further propelled skincare into the limelight. According to research by Swedish beauty brand Foreo, 96% of consumers would rather invest in skincare instead of make-up during the pandemic, and almost 40% have been stockpiling their favourite skincare products for fear of further lockdowns. Consumers are more concerned about dermatology than ever before as lockdown living has caused changes in our diet, sleep, vitamin D intake, and stress, all of which can wreak havoc on skin health.

Natpure Xfine®

Introduced in 2019, our Natpure Xfine® collection offers natural extracts obtained by spray-drying a natural juice on a natural substrate. Each extract comes from a superfood with traceable origins, ethical practices, and vivid color.

Natpure Xfine Extraction Process
  • Natpure XFine® Beetroot BR312 – Beetroot is a promising therapeutic treatment for various clinical pathologies associated with oxidative stress and inflammation
  • Natpure XFine® Spirulina SL615 – Spirulina is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants
  • Natpure XFine® Potato SP313 – Sweet potatoes and radishes contain anthocyanins, which may help prevent skin aging and UV-induced skin damage
  • Natpure Xfine® Turmeric TU114 – Turmeric is a natural “go-to” for yellow extract, acting as an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and dye all wrapped into one
  • Natpure XFine® Carrot BC314 – Black carrot, lesser known as a food but widely regarded as a natural purple dye, is an antioxidant
  • Natpure XFine® Radish RR318, RR319 & RR311 – High in vitamin C, along with zinc and phosphorus can help prevent skin dryness, acne and rashes

These extracts are both soluble in water as a dye and dispersible in oil as a pigment, making it a versatile ingredient. It can be used in skin care and makeup formulations as an active ingredient with color properties.

    Natpure Col®

    Sensient Natpure Col

    In hair care, Sensient’s Natpure Col® hair dyes are making waves by eliminating the notion that hair damage is an inherent tradeoff for coloring. Natpure Col® is 100% botanical. No ammonia. No peroxide. No preservatives. No damage. Just dried leaves from Henna, Cassia and Indigo, sourced sustainably and most importantly traceable. They are also carefully selected for consistent quality and ground to provide maximum color strength in four ready-to-use, long-lasting shades: light blonde, cold brown, warm brown, and dark brown.

    Covabsorb® Range & Sensisorb® CF+

    Fragrance and color are integral ingredients in a formulation, giving a product identity and appeal. Meanwhile, fragrances and colors are sensitive to oxidation from many sources. Perfumes in glass bottles are especially prone to fading (both color and fragrance). Our UV protectors, Covabsorb® and Sensisorb® CF+ provide superior protection for the sensory experience, thanks to their antioxidant properties.

    Take a virtual tour of our Global Innovation Center in Singapore, where many of our game-changing innovations begin, and contact us to learn more about our full cosmetics and personal care portfolio.

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