Cosmetic Ingredients To Help Elastic Generation Age Gracefully

For many mature women today, age truly is nothing but a number. They are the “elastic generation,” as Wunderman Thompson refers to them in a report suggesting the respondents feel happier, wiser and more...

For many mature women today, age truly is nothing but a number. They are the “elastic generation,” as Wunderman Thompson refers to them in a report suggesting the respondents feel happier, wiser and more confident now than they ever have before. They’re active, they travel, and they’re breaking traditional behavior models across the board in their personal and professional lives.

“We need to ditch the tired stereotypes,” Wunderman Thompson says. “These women are living according to how they feel rather than how they ought, pushing the boundaries of expectation and upending the status quo. Ever the generation of rebels, they are reinventing life past fifty, as they forge the path others will follow.” Read more about the trends beauty brands are learning from the elastic generation here as they break stereotypes and shift cultural perspectives.

So how can brands formulate natural personal care products that don’t just speak to the elastic generation, but also further empower these inspiring women? Here are a few formulas and ingredients to tap into:

Overnight Hydration Gel Mask

Overnight Hydration Gel Mask

A lightweight, non greasy formula to recharge dehydrated skin. This formula contains Hydrofacteur HC, which is clinically tested to help retain skin hydration and moisture for up to 72 hours. Solubilisant LRI acts as an emulsifier to form gel-cream emulsion with a light skin feel. The gel texture is obtained with Covacryl SP while Natpure Film AP, a sugar-based film-forming agent coated with acacia gum provides a lifting effect when the formula is fully absorbed into the skin

Hair Conditioner Arianor Flash

Hair Conditioner Arianor Flash


As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity and firmness because its ability to regenerate is no longer the same. Decreased sebaceous glands and increased water loss can result in dry, scaly complexion. Moisturizing is an absolute must. Covasterol, a blend of plant phytosterols in place of lanolin, acts as a film former, superfatting agent and healing agent all at once. This ingredient is proven to reduce sebum production and pore size in 7 days. Additionally, it adds the smooth creaminess that many consumers associate with luxury.

Natpure® Feel M-Eco

Our natural and non-volatile silicone replacement, Natpure Feel M-Eco, adds a lovely touch to cosmetics and skin care products by delivering the conditioning and moisturizing benefits of esters with the lightness of silicone in a refreshingly natural emollient.


    The women of the elastic generation also have unique hair care needs. Tresses naturally gray with age while undergoing noticeable changes in density, texture and elasticity. With an increase in keratin, hair becomes drier, thicker, and more fragile. Since permanent dyes can compound the challenges, the recommendation is to stick with semi-permanent coloring that doesn’t damage strands and lift the hair base. Sensient’s Arianor® semi-permanent dyes are water soluble with cationic character in a wide variety of colors and, most importantly, with no ammonia.

    If hair has already been damaged from previous coloring, Arianor® helps soften the impact of another treatment. Arianor® Flash adds another dimension of convenience with dyes and biotechnical agents in powder form. Just apply water, and the product is ready to apply.

    Unicert® Violet

    The elastic generation is all about self-empowerment, even if it means embracing gray hair. Still, silver strands can turn yellow when oxidized by sunlight and heat-styling tools. Sensient’s UNICERT® Violet K7025-J solves this problem by providing a high purity acid dye that neutralizes style-ruining brassy and yellow tones.

    The elastic generation is here. Is your brand there? Much of the beauty industry is only now joining the ageless trend, with research showing that 70% of women over 55 feel invisible to beauty brands and over 80% feel ignored by retailers. Start formulating for the elastic generation today. Contact us to learn more about our full portfolio of ingredients and formulations.

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