Solutions for Men’s Skin Care Concerns

Industry reports show that men today are more interested in and attuned to grooming than ever before (should we say perhaps in the history of mankind?). Gen Z and millennial men are...

Industry reports show that men today are more interested in and attuned to grooming than ever before (should we say perhaps in the history of mankind?). Gen Z and millennial men are redefining masculinity by removing stigmas and stereotypes, bringing the men’s personal care market into a Renaissance.

Men’s skin care, in particular, is being redefined as we speak. In the UK, a Mintel survey from 2020—which the market research company tabbed “a year of innovation in men’s grooming”—found that

94% of men now use facial skin care products and 42% of those who buy their own facial skin care and/or hair care products have used or would be interested in using options that can be personalized to their needs.

“Brands can better meet men’s interest in versatile, easy to use and fast-acting personal grooming products,” Mintel says. “Demand is high but [new product development] is somewhat lacking.”

See how these ingredients from Sensient address the specific skin care challenges that men face:

Oily Skin: Covasterol

Men’s skin is often oily. Even the healthiest, most well-groomed men may struggle with oily skin solely from testosterone and its byproduct, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Covasterol, our blend of plant phytosterols in place of lanolin, with added shea butter, provides moisturization, hydration, skin comfort and smoothness all at once. In the process, it curbs sebum production and reduces pore size to combat oil build-up.

Men's Grooming Skin Care Charcoal Mask

Acne: Vegetable Charcoal

Whether as a result of oily or dry skin, shaving, sweating or a face covering, men’s acne can get out of hand quickly. For a natural skin detox, we recommend vegetable charcoal, a new mainstream favorite in men’s soaps and face washes.

Long before beauty brands ever existed, activated charcoal was used as an Ayurvedic medicine for oral poisonings. By treating charcoal to make it more porous, we create a carbon byproduct with the ability to extract dirt, toxins, and other impurities. This is where skin care comes into play. A dermatologist explains:

“Using charcoal for the skin is based on the idea that if it can remove toxins from your GI tract, it can do the same for your complexion. It acts as a magnet for oils, dead skin cells, and debris from environmental exposure.”

Extracted from European peatlands, our 100% natural steam-activated carbon vegetable charcoal powder provides high absorption to deeply remove dirt from the skin, in turn helping to fight acne.

Charcoal Shower Gel

Charcoal Shower Gel

Deeply cleanse skin from impurities with charcoal and end the day with this shower cream. Achieve a grey colored shower cream with Covarine Charcoal P-WN9794 a natural dispersion of steam activated charcoal in water/propandiol. Fructan Gum helps to provide a creamy finish and enhance the suspension of charcoal.

Sun Damage: Natpure Xtra® Longevity

While men’s skin is thicker than women’s, it’s actually more sensitive to ultraviolet radiation. Our in-vitro research at Sensient found that green tea can deliver 80 percent reduction in sunburn cells. So, we gave this powerful antioxidant its own place in our Natpure® line of sustainably sourced, highly concentrated botanical extracts. Natpure Xtra® Longevity (green tea) stimulates the skin’s defense against sun damage to maintain youthful-looking skin.

Men's Grooming Shaving

Shaving: Natpure Xtra® Integrity

Shaving is a delicate grooming routine that has long been synonymous with skin irritation, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Made from guayusa leaf extract, Natpure Xtra® Integrity supports healthy, resilient skin by restoring proteins that are essential for barrier reinforcement and anti-inflammation. The anti-inflammatory aspect is helpful in pre-shave, shave and aftershave products alike.

Skin Comfort Serum

Skin Comfort Serum

Natpure Xtra® Integrity, a guayusa extract sourced from Ecuador, serves as an inflammation guard to support skin barrier integrity, to soothe skin sensitivity and decrease inflammation all skin types. Covacryl® MV60 gives a non-tacky and fast drying finish to the high glycerine content serum. Sensibead® SI 175 improves slip effect in the formula. Covasterol is a blend of plant phytosterols with lanoline like emolliency for pore refining and moisturizing claims.

Aging: Natpure Xtra® Eternity

Anti-aging is achievable to an extent in the proper context of skin care. For mature men, our Natpure Xtra® Eternity (PCHi 2020 Skin Barrier Repair Award Winner) Criollo cacao extract strengthens natural defenses against skin aging by targeting the dermis and epidermis. In the dermis, it decreases extracellular matrix (ECM) degradation enzymes to smooth and firm skin. In the epidermis, it reinforces cornification to limit water evaporation and prevent flaky skin. Using a formulation with 2% Natpure Xtra® Eternity twice a day for three months, 77% of participants observed skin firmness, 81% observed an increase of skin elasticity and 73% of participants observed a decrease in the visibility of wrinkles.

The new-age view of male grooming is moving beyond the basics of shaving, with inclusive skin care becoming a cornerstone. “Brands are reacting by moving past standard products that have a one-size-fits-all approach to those based on consumers’ individual needs,” Mintel says. “We are also seeing how men are taking as much interest in their overall appearance and personal wellbeing which is giving brands opportunities to provide male-specific products in areas that were once typically for women.”

Lead the men’s skin care movement with Sensient. Contact us to learn more about our full portfolio of powerful, natural ingredients and formulations.

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