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The makeup and beauty industry is known for its fast-changing trends that continually shape consumer preferences and purchase behavior. From new product innovations to evolving beauty standards, staying up to date with the latest makeup trends is crucial for businesses to succeed.

To gain valuable insights into these trends and their impact on consumer behavior, Sensient Beauty organized a webinar with expert Leila Rochet. With over 20 years of experience in cosmetics and fragrance, including international marketing for Dior and managing prestigious beauty brands, Leila Rochet Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation, a boutique agency specializing in forecasting and consulting beauty innovations, brings a wealth of expertise to The Art of Makeup Global Webinar held earlier on 14 June 2023.

Through the webinar, attendees can gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest makeup trends and how they shape consumer purchase behavior, equipping them with the knowledge needed to stay ahead in the competitive beauty industry. To watch the full webinar recording, kindly reach out to your sales account manager or contact us here.

Here are a few highlights from the webinar.

Trend #1: Cult Euphoria

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The aftermath of the pandemic has sparked a surge of celebration, with consumers reveling in the pure joy of life’s pleasures. Drawing inspiration from the expressive, creative, and colorful makeup showcased in the HBO’s Euphoria, new reference points are emerging from the gaming sphere, while Gen Z continues to raid 90s rave culture, 80s pop aesthetics, and the nostalgic toys of their childhood for inspiration. This newfound hedonism is reflected in vibrant colors, intricate embellishments, and innovative formulations that take cues from emerging digital realms.

Makeup Webinar Insight - Cult Euphoria

Drawing on the concept of hedonism and the power of colors, the beauty industry embraces an energizing palette of hyper-euphoric tones and dopamine brights that effortlessly ignite feelings of joy and self-care. This inspiration stems from the digitalization and TikTokization of beauty, where trends and transformative content thrive. As we move towards a phygital future, temporary colors that facilitate polymorphic transformations are expected to gain more prominence.

Material textures also play a significant role in shaping the future of beauty. The focus shifts towards materials that invite sensorial play, such as elastic, slimy, and gluey textures that engage the senses and amplify the overall experience. Embracing non-conventional aesthetics and chaotic expressions further ignites the TikTokization effect, capturing attention and captivating audiences seeking bold and captivating beauty experiences.

Application and Formulation

Sensient Beauty offers potential customers a range of pigments, surface treatments, and pearls that can help them formulate products in line with the described trend.

The UNIPURE range consists of purified lakes, mineral, and organic pigments developed specifically for the cosmetic industry. It offers a wide range of shades, high color strength, superior batch-to-batch consistency, superior chroma, and excellent dispersibility which can be seen in the SCT2387 POWER BERRY POWDER EYESHADOW formulation.

Sensient’s ARIABEL range introduces a new grade of lakes and organic pigments with a diverse shade selection. The food-grade lakes are compliant with China CIQ regulations and globally compliant, with batch-to-batch consistency and cost-effectiveness.

For an added glow, customers can turn to the COVAPEARL range, which features metallic oxide pearls, interference pearls, organic pearl and silver pearls— offering a captivating visual impact. Lastly, the UNICERT range provides water-soluble dyes, oil-soluble dyes, and bromo dyes that offer transparent colors, a wide range of shades, high color strength, and global compliance. Sensient Beauty’s range of products enables formulators to tap into the evolving trend of vibrant hedonistic colors and material textures while ensuring quality, consistency, and compliance with global regulations.

Trend #2: Supercharged Beauty

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The “Supercharged Beauty” trend captures the essence of a minimalist approach to beauty that yields maximum results. It embraces the fetishization of wellness, where consumers strive for high-shine looks that emanate a lit-from-within radiance, reflecting their hyper-healthy goals in their beauty routines.

From Fashion Week runways to viral TikTok videos, there’s an undeniable allure towards dewy skin and super-glossy hair, as they symbolize health, well-being, and a fresh complexion. It’s a trend that is not only about superficial beauty but also emphasizes skin-loving care and enhanced natural beauty, often referred to as “your skin but better.”

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Consumers seek potent ingredients through super-powered serums and smart hybrids for an enhanced glow. With a skinimalist approach, this trend focuses on single products that maximize results and emphasize care and safety. Clean colors are formulated for Skintellectuals, combining skincare benefits with a touch of color through powerhouse ingredients like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid (HA), retinol, and AHAs. Additionally, SPF-infused makeup products are essential to meet the surging interest in suncare, providing protection while enhancing the overall beauty routine.

Application and Formulation

To tap into the “Supercharged Beauty” trend, brands can leverage Sensient Beauty’s innovative ingredients. With our natural SURFACE TREATMENTS, Sensient Beauty provides options that offer care benefits to enhance product performance. For instance, the BA Surface Treatment focuses on skin barrier and anti-aging properties, while the HLC Surface Treatment caters to sensitive skin and phospholipid needs. The ALOE Surface Treatment offers soothing and moisturizing benefits, while the PHY Surface Treatment brings brightening, illuminating, and moisturizing effects. Additionally, the SGP Surface Treatment provides moisturizing properties.

Examples of makeup-skincare hybrids that incorporate the use of Natpure Xtra include the SCT6441 SMF ALOE FRESH FOUNDATION CREAM, SCT6397 SCF PHY TINTED MOISTURIZER, SCT2338 BIOMIM TINTED MOISTURIZER and SCT4185 NAT’VOCADO LIP CREAM.

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For effective UV protection, Sensient Beauty provides options including mineral filters and innovative solutions like SENSISORB BIOMIM . Sensisorb Biomim, inspired by nature, acts as a single compound that provides UV protection while boosting SPF. It enhances skin protection from sun damage and improves the color stability of cosmetic products. Additionally, the COVABEAD CRYSTAL offers a blurring effect, a soft and creamy skin feel, and provides blue light protection.

By incorporating Sensient’s range of ingredients, brands can develop products that embraces skinimalism and yet offer potent skincare benefits.

Contact us today to bring your product vision to life and tap into the beauty trends or find out more about The Art Of Makeup Global Webinar. Our team of experts is ready to collaborate with you, leveraging our range of ingredients and innovative solutions to create captivating formulations.

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