Going for Gold: Global Tanning Trends

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The quest for a radiant, sun-kissed complexion remains a perennial beauty goal, yet the methods to achieve this bronzed allure are evolving. With heightened awareness of UV exposure’s risks, the allure of self-tanning products has markedly increased, offering a safer alternative to traditional sunbathing.

The Rise of Sunless Tanning

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The self-tanning market has remained resilient, even thriving, amid the global upheaval of recent years. Its steady popularity underscores a broader trend: the pursuit of beauty that doesn’t compromise well-being. The latest surge in interest, particularly in April, reflects a seasonal readiness to embrace warmer tones, with products like tanning drops and serums leading the charge. These offerings promise a tailored tan, integrating seamlessly with existing skincare routines to deliver a natural, radiant complexion.

Innovations in Product Formulation

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Today’s self-tanners are a far cry from their predecessors. They boast greener formulations, enhanced sensorial experiences, and dual-purpose benefits, merging tanning with skincare. Notably, bronzing drops have seen an exponential increase in searches, underscoring their popularity. These products, rich in soothing and moisturizing ingredients like algae, glycerin, and aloe leaf extract, offer a gradual tan that respects the skin’s integrity. Moreover, their versatility allows for customization, catering to diverse skin tones and preferences without the risk of transferring to clothes or bedding.

Mousse Textures and Beyond

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The textural evolution of self-tanners has broadened their appeal. Mousse formulas, enriched with skin-loving ingredients like avocado and vitamin E, offer a nourishing alternative to traditional tanners. They provide a balanced approach to self-tanning, ensuring hydration while gradually enhancing skin color. This adaptability extends to innovative formats like tanning waters, which offer a lighter, more hydrating option, and shimmer-infused body butters, which deliver hydration and a radiant glow in one.

Solutions for Every Need

Delving deeper into the formulation frontier, Sensient Beauty emerges as a pivotal player, offering ingredients that cater to the nuanced demands of sunless tanning products. Two standout offerings are Natpure Xco Choco CC864 and the COVAPEARL range, each presenting unique benefits to the formulation table.

Natpure Xco Choco CC864

2024 Beauty Trends - Natpure Xco Choco

This innovative ingredient stands out for its origins in the by-product of the chocolate industry, offering a sustainable and natural option for beauty formulations. Its compatibility with DHA and natural (Cosmos) certification makes it a versatile player in the skincare and personal care sectors. Beyond its functional benefits, Natpure Xco Choco CC864 is endowed with antioxidant properties derived from cocoa husk extract, offering skin-care advantages alongside its coloring capability.

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Its stability and ability to maintain color without darkening or fading make it an exceptional choice for creating long-lasting, natural-looking tans. In addition, its lack of preservatives and neutral scent at advised concentrations ensures a pleasant user experience.


Sensient’s COVAPEARL offers a dazzling array of pearl colorants, capable of creating makeup with multiple refractive effects without the need for a white base. This range is particularly noted for its suitability in adding opacifying and pearly effects to products, enhancing the sensorial and visual appeal of cosmetics.

Gold Tan - Covapearl

Available in variants with hydrophilic (AQ range) or hydrophobic (AS range) surface treatments, COVAPEARL enable formulations to achieve a sophisticated shimmer, catering to the consumer’s desire for products that not only tan but also illuminate the skin. The micro-spherical powders within this range are celebrated for enhancing the tactile experience of makeup and skincare products, driven by their unique shape, size, chemical structure, and optical properties.

These innovative offerings from Sensient Beauty highlight the brand’s dedication to pushing the boundaries in innovation, sustainability, and catering to the ever-changing preferences of consumers. Utilizing these ingredients allow beauty brands to develop self-tanning products that not only imbue users with a coveted glow but also provide the skin with nourishment and protection.

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