Dyes, they play an important role in making our personal care products like creams and shampoos seem more appealing, for coloring hair and make-up in actually staining the skin. Naturally, over the years, the materials used to produce dyes have changed.

At Sensient Beauty, we have a wide range of dyes that are water and oil soluble.


Global approved synthetic dyes (regulation varies according to application and country) with a wide range of colors that are water and oil soluble. Superior batch-to-batch. Find out more about our best sellers, Unicert® Violet.

Natpure Col®

Looking for a natural alternative? Natpure Col® is your solution with water and oil soluble cosmetic colorants (meet the purity criteria and characteristic set by the EC Food Directive 2008/128/EC). These natural dyes have been optimized to demonstrate improved stability, quality and safety. We also have a range of Natpure Col® Hair Dyes that specific target consumer needs: 100% natural hair color products, without ammonia or peroxide, and vegan. Read more about it on our Hair Color Application page.

Other than the two range of dyes mentioned above, we also have water soluble and oil soluble Rinse Off dyes, oil soluble synthetic PHAT dyes that are mixtures of FDA certified oil-soluble dyes that offer superior batch to batch consistency. And Bromo Acid dyes that are pH sensitive and will change color depending on the alkaline condition they are in. These are perfect dyes for color changing lipsticks whose color becomes more intense upon application on lips.

Color & Fragrance Protection

Dyes and fragrances are very sensitive to external factors such as pH, oxidation, temperature, UV radiations and metallic catalysis. To avoid discoloration and losing scent intensity, we offer molecules that are capable of absorbing UV radiations and have anti-oxidant properties. Read more about our range of color and fragrance protection here.

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