Unicert® Violet

Unicert® Violet K7025-J & K7116-J 

Anionic dye for semi-permanent hair color 

Sunlight, bleaching and coloring the hair can cause hair color to turn with undesired undertones making it look unnatural. Hair correctors are used to eliminate the yellowish effect in gray hair and bleached hair. Our bestselling Unicert® Violet solves this problem by providing a high purity acid dye that neutralizes style-ruining brassy and yellow tones. 

Technical properties: 

  • Direct anionic character 
  • Acid dye 
  • High Purity grade – meets SCCS requirements 
  • Good compatibility with surfactants 
  • Highest water solubility 
  • Batch-to-batch consistency 

Cosmetic benefits: 

  • Unique grade on the market – K7025-J 
  • Can be used for hair color 
  • Provides anti-yellowish effect on hair color correctors 

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