Sensient's Farben des Jahres 2024

TWO colors that is a synergy between natural and digital realities, resulting in new creative beauty aesthetics, CyberGem & Golden Terra.

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With more than 60 years of experience developing cosmetic colorants, ingredients and extraction technology, we believe that beauty is not only seen but experienced. At the front and center of beauty is an individual’s sensory experience with the product and here at Sensient Beauty, we believe in forming collaborative relationships with our customers to create ingredients that elevate these experiences.

Every year, we select a Color of the Year that we believe will make an impact in beauty and cosmetics for the year ahead. After an empowering and optimistic success of Power Berry in 2023, we look toward 2024 with TWO colors that is a synergy between physical and digital realities, resulting in new creative beauty aesthetics.

Wir stellen vor: CyberGem und Golden Terra

2023 has been a period of rebirth and immense challenge. Consumers have been readapting themselves to the new normal with doses of optimism, authenticity and celebration. With a stabilized post-pandemic world, we now live in a mixed reality between the REAL & DIGITAL worlds.

Von einem Alter Ego zum anderen schwingen

Being discreet in the physical world yet glowing and powerful in the digital space. Emphasizing comfort and health when home then party like there’s no tomorrow on occasions. This creates a need for colors to sway from one extreme to another.

Our 2024 Color Palette is inspired by shades that appeal both to a Beautyversal meta-face aesthetic, as well as to get an earth toned look, with an illuminating golden touch. Or to mix both visuals, creating your own versatile mood, inspired by either planetary or nature escapism.  

Let’s start with a highly functional and wearable “natural” color work well across all beauty categories. 

Golden Terra

An earthy tone that brings a subtle yet ever-soothing comfort of nature into your beauty looks.

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A golden-infused shade of brown brings a feel-good sense of security and comfort. “Simplicity” and “Nature Connection” is valued in the real world, which leads to a more holistic focus on health and healing. This fact, combined with a broader understanding of environmental issues and the ongoing desire to relax and recharge, boosts the importance of natural, basic and quiet colors.

On the other hand, we have a delicate, an ethereal, and luminous shade, bringing a gaming fantasy element that can be utilized for beauty looks.


A shade that encourage us to embrace our dreams,  and nurture meaningful connections, to create a life that seamlessly blends adventure with security.

Bildnachweis aus verschiedenen Quellen

A luminescent and playful hue of fuchsia full of interstellar creativity, optimism and new found hope. Pearly and vivid shades reflect the rebound of consumer optimism, inspired by growing interest in the metaverse, space travel and commerce, and the pursuit of pleasure. A hue also inspired in the gemstone “amethyst” which conveys protection and also some mystery, and these are sensations that consumers look for when into the digital world.

Are you ready for 2024? Partner with Sensient Beauty to formulate with CyberGem & Golden Terra with the rest of the accompanying hues to create unique, sensorial experiences.  Contact us for the full ‘Color of the Year 2024’ presentation and to find out more on how we can work together.

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