Sensient’s portfolio of synthetic and natural thickeners are design to improve the stability of your O/W emulsions or water based gel. They can also deeply transform a texture to create unexpected experiences for consumers. Freshness, softness, lubricant, quick break, light texture, mousse are some examples of trendy effects provided by our range of thickeners.

Synthetic Thickeners

Covacryl® range are acrylic sensorial thickeners with optimized properties to create a wide range of effects. Synthetic polyacrylates for water phase thickening for transparent and opaque formulations. They are not considered as micro plastics. 

Covacryl® AC 

Linear sodium polyacrylate for formulating clear and stringy water-based gels. Best used for serum and tissue mask formulations. 

Cosmetic benefits: 

  • Good adhesion of tissue mask on skin 
  • Prevents dripping of essence from tissue mask during application 
  • Excellent absorption of essence onto tissue mask 
  • Smooth, lubricating texture 
  • Provides moisturizing skin feel 
  • Sodium hyaluronate-like texture 
Covacryl® PA 

Linear sodium polyacrylate with stringy and non-sticky texture for high viscosity hydrogel formula when combined with trivalent.

Cosmetic benefits: 

  • Smooth, lubricating texture 
  • Provides moisturizing skin feel 
  • Leaves thin film on skin 
  • Longer play time 
Covacryl® RH 

Crosslinked sodium polyacrylate to formulate clear, non-sticky and non-stringy water-based gels.

Cosmetic benefits: 

  • Gives rich and oily texture  
  • Non sticky skin feel 
  • Leaves thin film on skin 
Covacryl® SP 

Acrylic based thickener for quick break effect and evanescent feeling on the skin. 

Cosmetic Benefits: 

  • Light and fresh on skin 
  • Watery sensation on skin 
  • Non-greasy, non-tacky skin feel 
Covacryl® MV60 

Unique texture creator with high sensorial effects: silicone like with a velvet touch. Find out more here.

Cosmetic benefits: 

  • Silicone elastomer-like sensory touch 
  • Exceptional velvet touch and powdery skin feel 
  • Long lasting fresh and cooling sensation when applied on skin 
  • Non-tacky matte gel and matte finish on skin 
 Natural Thickeners

Sensient’s portfolio of natural thickeners have been designed to meet consumers’ expectation for natural ingredients with high level of performance. These thickeners are contributing to the success of your formulation by changing consumer’s experience. 

Natpure® Cellgum Plus 

Technical properties: 

  • Natural origin – wood 
  • Cosmos certified 
  • Compatible with salt, alcohol and pH 
  • Viscosity stable at all temperatures 
  • Natural alternative for Covacryl® SP 

Cosmetic benefits: 

  • Highly thixotropic cellulose complex – perfect for spray 
  • Essential to formulate spray milk and serum products 
  • Outstanding waterproof and non-transfer result of O/W emulsions in association with hydrophobic powders and pigments. 

Technical properties: 

  • Natural origin – potato 
  • Instant thickening with water 
  • Forms capsules which collapse with shear 

Cosmetic benefits: 

  • Highly thixotropic cellulose complex 
  • Release of water during application  
  • Powdery skin feel, with refreshing touch  
  • Natural alternative for Covacryl MV 60 
Fructan Gum 

Technical properties: 

  • Natural origin – chicory roots 
  • Excellent pigment, pearls, powders dispersing ability  
  • Non-ionic, compatible with salts and ionic surfactant  
  • Opaque , can be used as a natural opacifier (specific process to follow) 

Cosmetic benefits: 

  • Highly thixotropic, leaves thin film on skin  
  • Melting texture on skin  
  • Creamy skin feel without oil 
  • Ideal for rinse off application 

Oil thickener waxes 

Covasilic® 15 

Technical properties: 

  • Excellent suspending properties in fluid formulations (water and oil base) 
  • Thickeners for oil and polyols (glycerin, propylene glycol) 
  • Improve stability of W/O emulsions 
  • Pairing together with polar solvents can improve thickening property in oil 

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