Solubilizers are used to solubilize oils into water so that cosmetics can be mixed and incorporated into water. Solubilizers are usually a surfactant or blend of surfactant with a high hydrophilic/lipophilic balance.

Solubilizers and Fragrances 

Solubilizers are widely used in cosmetic and personal care products that assists in incorporating hydrophobic substances such as essential oils or fragrance oils into aqueous formulations. They play an important role in keeping the final consumer product clear and preventing separation over time. 

Solubilizers in Cleansers

Solubilizers that are used in facial cleansers play a different role. Cleansers are made up of micelles that are small particles of surfactant suspended in water. Micelles are attracted to dirt and oil, so they are able to draw out impurities. The surfactant present in the cleanser product has to be soft and non-irritant for the skin while keep efficiency in makeup removal. 

Solubilisant LRI 

Solubilisant LRI is widely considered the Gold Standard of solubilizers and is used in applications where either the essential oil or other non-polar ingredient(s) is difficult to incorporate without the final product appearing hazy. Solubilisant LRI is also used in applications where formulators are looking to minimize or eliminate the use of alcohols, which can dry the skin.

Technical benefits: 

  • Solubilizer for perfume concentrates, essential oils, vitamins and other oily ingredients of reduced alcohol content (for family, sensitive skins or child) or alcohol free cosmetics 
  • Nonionic solubilizer   
  • Compatible with preservatives 
  • Ease of use 
  • Low percentage required for stable micro emulsion 
  • Excellent stability: Perfect HLB for micro emulsions 
Natpure® Sol Crystal 

Unique efficient solubilizer designed to formulate cosmetics and fragrances with a high natural index, 91% naturally derived solubilizer. It also allows formulators that ability to reduce, or even eliminate alcohols in their products. Its low viscosity makes it easy to use. In addition, it is environmentally friendly (biodegradable and non-ecotoxic), non-irritant for the skin, Halal, Kosher & Vegan compliant.

Technical benefits: 

  • Oily ingredient solubilizer for reduced alcohol content (or alcohol free) cosmetics: Perfume concentrate, Essential oils, Actives, Emollients, UV filters, Vitamins
  • Nonionic solubilizer, compatible with most of the preservatives and formula 
  • Compatible with ethanol 
  • Easy to use due to low viscosity 
  • Low percentage required for stable and transparent micro emulsions 
Natpure® Sol Crystal OF

Improved version of Natpure® Sol Crystal with the same technical benefits and a higher naturality index .

Enhanced benefits: 

  • 93% natural derived index (ISO 16128)
  • Lighter in color
  • Less odor
Natpure® Sol SL 

Globally compliant and COSMOS certified emulsifier derived from sugar cane. Designed to formulate natural cosmetics and fragrances, suitable for skin care, fragrances and personal care products. It can solubilize different lipophilic substances, emulsify oils in water and formulate transformative thickened crystal clear oil based gel. The possibilities are endless. 

Technical benefits: 

  • Natural 
  • Able to solubilize different lipophilic substances: fragrance, essential oil, oil-soluble dyes 
  • Able to emulsify oils in water. Easy to use, cold process emulsions 
  • Able to formulate transformative thickened crystal clear oil based gel 
  • Preservative free 

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