Solubilisant LRI

Unique surfactant blend which has been designed to enable water to be used as a substitute for alcohol in many cosmetic and perfumery products. 

Technical benefits: 

  • Solubilizer for perfume concentrates, essential oils, vitamins and other oily ingredients of reduced alcohol content (for family, sensitive skins or child) or alcohol free cosmetics 
  • Nonionic solubilizer   
  • Compatible with preservatives 
  • Ease of use 
  • Low percentage required for stable micro emulsion 
  • Excellent stability: Perfect HLB for micro emulsions 

Cosmetic benefits: 

  • Minimize stickiness 
  • Gentle cleansing  
  • Mild surfactant – can be used for hypoallergenic formulations 
  • Optimized odor 


The more complex is the hydrophobic mixture, the more Solubilisant LRI is efficient. In presence of the component of the formula, notably perfume, Solubilisant LRI requirement is greatly reduced. 

Good organoleptic properties: The effect on the skin is soft, smooth with good rub-in and no sticky feel.

Improved perfume value: Odor values of perfumes in water are increased compared with alcoholic solutions. 

Cleansing Agent 

At a low concentrations of solubilizer, the surfactant molecules exist as individual molecules, at the air/water interface and in the solution.  

At a higher concentrations of solubilizer, the surfactant molecules saturate the surface and start forming aggregates called micelles. Micelles are formed once the surfactant exceeds a given concentration called the critical micelle concentration, CMC. These micelles have a hydrophobic core which can solubilize impurities.  

Cleansing properties are linked to the CMC value: the lower the cmc, the easier the impurities are captured in the surfactant micelles:

  • Low CMC= good cleansing properties 
  • A micellar water is a solution with a concentration of surfactant higher than the CMC.  
  • Solubilisant LRI, with its low CMC, is an excellent cleansing agent. 

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