Skin Actives

Sourced from all around the world and with proven efficacy, our range of active ingredients optimized complexes of biologically active ingredients designed to address key consumer needs on the skin care market, such as whitening, anti-ageing or moisturizing.

Experts in extraction

We are experts in extractions and our latest acquisition, Mazza Innovation Limited, is a global leader in botanical extraction technology. They call the extraction technology it uses the PhytoClean™ method. It is a water-based extraction process that concentrates bioactive by pressurizing water at moderate temperatures and increasing the water’s ability to solubilize bioactive compounds from botanical sources

At Sensient, we employ PhytoClean™, an advanced method for bioactive, environmentally responsible extraction that yields clean ingredients in an earth-friendly manner. PhytoClean™ technology:

  • Eliminates the use of hazardous organic solvents
  • Consumes less energy than traditional extraction methods
  • Produces nontoxic byproducts that are easily disposed of or composted
  • Minimizes risk to employee health, safety and the environment by eliminating the use of hazardous organic solvents

Studies has shown that consumers routinely identify the word “extracts” with their desired goal of clean beauty. Extracts are also good for manufacturers because they are easily sourced and usable in a wide variety of applications.

Traceable sourcing

We focus on bio-based, abundant mineral and circular process. To help ensure the safety of our products, all of our raw materials are part of a detailed traceability program and we have robust product, environmental, and raw material screening programs that are designed to exceed industry standards.



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