Il futuro della cosmesi: Trattamenti di superficie naturali in prima linea

Naturally brilliant

Surface treatments hold a pivotal role in the cosmetics and personal care industry, acting as a crucial link between raw pigments and the final formulations of various products, ensuring that color vibrancy, stability, and overall performance meet the high standards expected by consumers. These treatments effectively shield pigments from a range of environmental factors, including light exposure and the effects of air, which can result in color fading and other undesirable changes over time, thus maintaining the pigments’ original color intensity and extending their longevity significantly.

Cosmetic formulations, which often consist of a complex combination of diverse ingredients, can be positively influenced by the presence of surface treatments. These treatments act as a protective barrier, effectively preventing interactions between pigments and other formulation components that could potentially lead to instability or changes in texture. This stability enhancement ensures that the final cosmetic product maintains its desired properties throughout its shelf life. The issue of uneven dispersion of pigments within formulations is effectively addressed by surface treatments. Pigments are naturally prone to agglomerating or settling, which can result in an inconsistent distribution of color within the product. Surface treatments tackle this problem by improving the dispersion of pigments, facilitating their uniform distribution within the formulation and thereby contributing to a more consistent and visually appealing end result.

Surface treatments also play a crucial role in improving the adhesion properties of pigments. This means that pigments treated with these specialized coatings adhere better to the skin or hair, resulting in enhanced performance and a longer-lasting impact of the cosmetic product. In addition, they also provide a layer of protection against external factors such as UV radiation and oxidation, which can cause pigments to degrade and lose their color intensity. Incorporating UV blockers and antioxidants within these treatments helps to safeguard the pigments and maintain their original vibrancy over time.

Naturale vs. sintetico

When considering the distinction between natural and synthetic surface treatments, it’s essential to recognize that natural draws from botanical sources, aligning with the growing consumer demand for natural and sustainable cosmetic solutions. These natural treatments offer the added advantage of cleaner formulations, often appealing to consumers seeking products free from certain synthetic chemicals and suitable for sensitive skin. On the other hand, synthetic surface treatments offer precision and consistency in achieving specific performance objectives, catering to unique cosmetic effects that might be more challenging to attain with natural ingredients. They also provide a broader spectrum of effects and can be carefully formulated to meet regulatory requirements, ensuring product safety and compliance.

As we delve deeper into the world of surface treatments, it’s evident that they hold a pivotal role in enhancing pigment quality, stability, and performance within cosmetics and personal care products. Sensient Beauty’s pioneering emphasis on natural surface treatments reflects our commitment to meeting the demand for sustainable and high-performance cosmetic solutions but also perfectly aligns with evolving consumer preferences and industry trends.

Trattamento superficiale dell'aloe

Our award winning ALOE Surface Treatment stands out as a 100% natural and hydrophobic innovation, uniquely formulated to bring you the best of nature’s wisdom. The treatment’s easy dispersible properties ensure seamless integration into cosmetic formulations, simplifying the formulation process while maintaining its integrity.

The technical prowess of ALOE Surface Treatment extends further with its exceptional compatibility in emulsions, opening doors for versatile applications across various product types. Its adaptability to hot processes further enhances its versatility, allowing formulators the freedom to create with both innovation and ease. One of the most remarkable aspects of ALOE Surface Treatment is its ability to carry a high pigment load, ensuring that your cosmetics are nothing short of vibrant and long-lasting. And all of this comes without a trace of odor, guaranteeing a sensory experience that aligns perfectly with your brand’s essence.

The ALOE Surface Treatment doesn’t stop at technical excellence – its cosmetic benefits are equally impressive. For those seeking cosmetic solutions tailored for greasy skin or makeup for men, this treatment presents itself as the ideal answer. It offers a light, moisturizing, and soothing sensation upon application, bringing unparalleled comfort to the skin. The outstanding spreadability of this treatment ensures that your cosmetics glide on effortlessly, promising an indulgent experience every time. Aloe vera’s soothing properties is also reflected in the surface treatment, offering relief and revitalization to quell redness and irritation.

Applicazioni: Polvere compatta di Aloe SCT6416 SMF

The Aloe Compact Powder SCT6416 SMF combines Sericite 0022 and Sensifeel Mica-22, paired with a curated selection of micas, to form a flawlessly textured, talc-free formula that boasts exceptional compressibility. This innovation is further enhanced by the harmonious interplay of Covafluid AMD, Sensibead SI 175, Sensibead SI 320, and Amidon de Mais MST, creating a luxurious slip and soft focus effect upon application. Elevating the experience, our Unipure LC Aloe range of natural surface treated pigments not only ensures color compatibility with the binder but also imparts a dry, light skin feel.

Trattamento superficiale con avocado botanico (BA)

Derived from the superfood avocado, this hydrophobic surface treatment unveils a world of possibilities for makeup and sun care applications, offering a perfect blend of performance, naturality, and innovation. Its exceptional hydrophobicity ensures remarkable water resistance, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of face makeup formulations that require longevity and steadfastness. Its compatibility with hot processes underscores its versatility, while batch-to-batch consistency and superior compressibility provide formulators with the assurance of excellence in every creation.

Beauty is not just about science; it’s about sensorial feel. The BA Surface Treatment delivers on both fronts, providing a lightweight, almost weightless feel on the skin, while accommodating a high pigment load. This balance is a true testament to Sensient Beauty’s commitment to creating cosmetics that not only perform but also pamper.

Harnessing the goodness of Avocado, the BA Surface Treatment brings to your formulations the richness of unsaturated fatty acids present in Avocado oil. It imparts a soft, velvety sensation that concludes in a comfortable and dry finish on the skin. The narrow range of superior hydrophobicity ensures consistent pigment behavior, while simultaneously allowing for a high pigment load without compromising fluidity. This surface treatment also holds a Natural Derived Index of 100%, COSMOS certification, and compliance with Halal and Kosher standards. The journey from nature to the formulation is ethical, palm-free, preservative-free, and void of genetically modified material, ensuring an alignment with the principles of sustainability and cruelty-free beauty — in line with the consumers’ need for sustainable and clean beauty.

Applicazioni: Crema labbra Nat'vocado SCT4185

Nat’vocado Lip Cream SCT4185 offers a harmonious blend of rich color and nurturing moisture for the lips. Breaking away from the conventional, this exceptional lip cream introduces a new realm of possibilities. Powered by the extraordinary BA Surface Treatment, it envelops our Unipure LC pigments and Mica in a veil of indulgence, ensuring your lips experience both high-impact color and natural hydration like never before. For a touch of enchantment, our Covapearl pearlescent pigments weave a soft, glistening shimmer into the mix, crowning your soft lips with an iridescent radiance that is truly captivating.

Trattamento superficiale con lecitina idrogenata (HLC)

The HLC Surface Treatment stands as a pinnacle of natural hydrophobic innovation, imparting unparalleled performance across an array of versatile applications. At the heart of its brilliance lies a sustainable coating crafted from hydrogenated lecithin, sourced from renewable resources, and surface treated with a natural extract from soy. This ecocert standard-compliant approach ensures not just beauty but also responsibility, aligning with conscientious choices.

The benefits of the HLC Surface Treatment are far-reaching. From delivering a silky, emollient, and creamy texture to creating an excellent, uniform film, its application is a testament to both artistry and science. Color longevity and steadfast adhesion can be achieve due to its high compatibility and dispersibility in oils. With a remarkable level of hydrophobicity, the HLC Surface Treatment not only enhances resistance to wear but also imparts remarkable water repellency, endowing makeup with enduring properties that that boasts exceptional long-wearing abilities.

Applicazioni: Mellow Nude SCT6065 SMF

This foundation delivers a lightweight, mousse-like texture that lingers with an extra-long-lasting effect. Enriched with the synergy of Covacryl MV60, its application promises a mellow and delightful experience that transcends ordinary foundations. Boasting a formulation that contains 60% water content, this lightweight and hydrating foundation feels fresh and weightless on skin. Enhanced by the dynamic duo of Fucosorb Gold and polyols, its moisturizing properties are elevated to new heights, promising a complexion that’s both flawless and radiant.

Trattamento superficiale con acido fitico (PHY)

The PHY Surface Treatment harmonizes with common O/W emulsions and water gels, presenting a versatile and user-friendly addition for makeup and skincare formulations. Its hydrophilic nature leads to a higher affinity for the water phase, enhancing stability and elevating pigment content while maintaining a low viscosity. PHY-treated pigments effortlessly integrate into water gels and O/W emulsions, eliminating the need for milling and conserving energy consumption. Resulting in faster color strength development, easy shade adjustment, and a reduction in the difference between mass and pay-off shades when compared to non-treated pigments.

Derived from Phytic Acid, which is sourced from Rice bran and is GMO-free and allergen-free, PHY Surface Treatment redefines the norms of skincare and color cosmetics. It’s a surface treatment that is not only effective but also environmentally conscious — it economizes water during production, embodying sustainability at its core.

Applicazioni: Crema fondotinta pura SCT6112-1 SMF

Trucco ibrido-Fondotinta-Crema colorata-Moisturizzante

This O/W foundation isn’t just about coverage; it’s a holistic approach to beauty. It effortlessly glides across your skin, leaving behind a flawless finish that feels like real skin. Unipure LC PHY redefines dispersion – gone are the days of grinding or milling. A simple blend with water and an infusion into your formula post-emulsion is all it takes, showcasing the ease and innovation that define the future of cosmetics. Thickagent LM, a natural stabilizer that ensures the formula’s integrity, providing a foundation that’s as consistent as it is effective. Complementing this, Natpure Feel-M Eco embraces your skin with gentle spreadability and emollience, making each application a moment of self-care. And as the final touch, Sensibead SI 175 steps in, absorbing excess oil while leaving your skin with a powdery, velvety finish that exudes sophistication.

Discover how our natural surface treatments can can elevate your products to new heights of excellence. Contact Sensient Beauty today and unlock the potential of our revolutionary natural surface treatments.

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