Il futuro della bellezza: Come il trucco naturale sta plasmando il settore

Going green never looked this good

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The color cosmetics category is experiencing a gradual recovery following the COVID-19 crisis. However, consumers’ makeup usage habits have changed, presenting new opportunities for innovation in the industry. With a growing focus on environmental concerns and sustainability, the future of color cosmetics lies in anticipating the demand for more environmentally-friendly products and experimenting with new formulations. This article explores the rise of the natural and clean makeup trend, highlighting how consumers’ preferences for sustainable, transparent, and effective products are shaping the cosmetics market.

Approfondimento sul trucco naturale - Sostenibile ed ecologico

Abbracciare la naturalità: La domanda di prodotti sostenibili ed ecologici

As the beauty industry continues to recover, consumers are increasingly seeking natural and eco-friendly makeup options. Natural makeup launches now account for nearly 30% of color cosmetics launches, witnessing a remarkable 22.6% growth since 2019. Brands are incorporating natural claims, eco-friendly packaging, and vegan/cruelty-free certifications to cater to this rising demand.

To maintain market growth, brands must adapt their products to cater to younger consumers who are keen on experimenting with multi-purpose products and unconventional looks. Additionally, the industry must respond to heightened demand for sustainable initiatives by introducing new packaging solutions and promoting ingredient sourcing transparency.

Il potere dei benefici aggiuntivi: Idratazione e benefici per la pelle

While naturality is a crucial factor for consumers, it is not enough on its own. Brands must provide additional benefits to stand out in the market. Consumer interest is being driven towards natural makeup products that offer skincare benefits like hydration, making it a key factor for choosing a natural product.

Approfondimento sul trucco naturale - Bellezza ibrida

Ingredients such as Manuka honey, plant hyaluronic acid, probiotics, and harakeke flax are being showcased as essential components in makeup products for their skin-hydrating properties. For instance, foundation formulas that nourish sensitive skin while providing long-lasting hydration and a healthy glow are gaining popularity.

Trasparenza ed educazione: Costruire la fiducia dei consumatori

As consumers demand transparency from beauty brands, especially those claiming to be natural and organic, brands need to take the lead and provide information about the ingredients in their products. Indie brands are at the forefront of promoting ingredient safety and transparency, using non-toxic and non-irritating ingredients to ensure product safety for all skin types.

Moreover, certifications play a crucial role in educating consumers about what constitutes a clean or natural product. Beauty retailers like Credo Beauty have established their “Credo Clean Standard” to assure consumers about the products they purchase, going beyond mere “free-of” lists.

Sfruttare l'evidenza scientifica: Fiducia nell'efficacia dei prodotti naturali

To convince consumers to choose natural cosmetics, brands must display certifications on their packaging and leverage clinical studies to prove the effectiveness of their products. Consumers are more likely to trust natural products when they see scientific validation of their claims.

In the US, 44% of adults consider that having clinical studies to prove effectiveness would help them trust a beauty and personal care brand, this goes up to 49% for 25-34 year old.

Formulazione di formule di trucco naturali

Sensient Beauty’s innovative and natural ingredients simplify the formulation of products that align with the clean makeup trend. Our wide range of plant-based extracts obtained through sustainable methods allows beauty brands to create eco-conscious and ethically sourced solutions. With water-soluble and oil-dispersible properties, these versatile ingredients can be seamlessly incorporated into makeup, skin care, and hair care formulations, providing vibrant and fine-particle colors derived from antioxidant-rich sources. Embracing Sensient Beauty’s commitment to sustainability and transparency, beauty brands can confidently cater to the demand for clean and nature-inspired products, appealing to health-conscious consumers in today’s beauty industry.

Natpure® Xfine

Approfondimento sul trucco naturale - Natpure Xfine Radish

NATPURE® XFINE is a 100% natural extract achieved through Sensient Beauty’s innovative spray drying technology which combines natural juices and a substrate. Derived from beetroot, sweet potato, turmeric, carrot, and radish, this powdered complex offers impressive superfood benefits to enhance beauty routines. NATPURE® XFINE excels with its water solubility, oil dispersibility, and fine particle dispersion, making it a versatile addition to skincare, makeup, hair care, and personal care products. Committed to natural ingredients, it meets Cosmos compliance (excluding Turmeric) and contains antioxidant-rich properties, while remaining free from preservatives and pesticides.

Applicazione: Rossetto infuso di superalimenti SCT 6123-2 SML

The Superfood Infused Lipstick SCT 6123-2 SML combines the convenience of COVALIP 94 WP, a ready-to-use lipstick base, with the prowess of NATPURE® XFINE, a natural power complex sourced from vegetable extracts. The result is a lipstick that not only imparts color to your lips but also harnesses the benefits of natural ingredients.

Trattamenti superficiali naturali

Natural surface treatments offer distinct advantages over synthetic alternatives, as they align perfectly with the growing demand for clean and eco-conscious beauty products. By harnessing the power of natural ingredients, such as the Botanical Avocado (BA) Surface Treatment, Aloe Surface Treatment and PHY Surface Treatment, makeup formulations can deliver effective results while staying true to the natural makeup trend.

The BA Surface Treatment impresses with its exceptional hydrophobicity, enabling high pigment loadings in face makeup while maintaining a soft and lightweight feel on the skin. Compatible with hot process techniques and both natural and synthetic oil-based vehicles, it offers versatility for various product formulations, providing a comfortable sensation in makeup and high coverage foundations without compromising on a lightweight touch. Meanwhile, the PHY Surface Treatment, with its natural super-hydrophilic nature, effortlessly disperses in water-based makeup, enhancing emulsion and gel stability. Its fast color strength, easy shade adjustment, and compatibility with salts and pH independence contribute to formulation flexibility, delivering a cooling effect in oil-in-water foundations for a refreshing makeup experience.

Applicazione: Fondotinta naturale Nat'Aloe SCT 2367

Crafted with the innovative ALOE SURFACE TREATMENT, the Nat’Aloe Natural Foundation SCT 2367 is infused with aloe vera within coconut oil, this foundation achieves remarkable coverage without sacrificing texture quality. The synergistic blend of these elements ensures a flawless finish that simultaneously nourishes and conceals. With a Natural Origin Index exceeding 89%, Nat’Aloe Natural Foundation stands as a testament to the marriage of natural origins and exceptional performance, offering a foundation that encompasses both coverage and comfort in every application.


Fucosorb offers two exceptional variants: FUCOSORB 3ALGA and FUCOSORB GOLD, both harnessed from seaweed extracts. FUCOSORB 3ALGA is derived from red and brown seaweed extract with soothing and hydrating properties, and provides various technical advantages, including a colorless, transparent gel consistency, ease of water solubility, preservative-free and low microbial activity, and compatibility with hot processes up to 75°C. It finds versatile applications in skincare, makeup, hair care, and personal care products. On the other hand, FUCOSORB GOLD derived from gold seaweed, is enriched with biopolymeric polyelectrolytes and polysaccharides, offers remarkable cosmetic benefits, boasting anti-inflammatory properties, repair and soothing capabilities for skin damage, and exceptional moisturizing effects.

Formatori di film naturali

Natural film formers offers a transformative approach to product formulation. Rooted in natural origins, these film formers are designed to elevate the performance of various cosmetic applications, from makeup to skincare and beyond. With a focus on technical excellence, they provide attributes such as water resistance, reduced transfer, and compatibility with diverse formulations. These natural film formers redefine the boundaries of cosmetic possibilities, providing a sustainable and effective solution for achieving long-lasting, high-quality results in beauty products.

Natpure Film AP

NATPURE FILM AP represents a significant advancement in natural film-forming agents for cosmetics. This innovative product is composed of a natural sugar-based film coated with acacia gum, consisting of Pullulan, Sorbitol, Trehalose, and Acacia gum. With a focus on natural origin, NATPURE FILM AP is available in powder form, offering an inventive blend of biofermentation and surface coating technology. It maintains low viscosity and avoids an increase in formulation viscosity, ensuring smooth integration. The ingredient disperses effortlessly in water, making it user-friendly for cosmetic applications. Additionally, NATPURE FILM AP is also free from preservatives, and its microbiological content is regulated to a maximum of 500 cfu/g, guaranteeing product purity. Ideal for use in mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and foundation.

Film Natpure GR

Sensient’s NATPURE FILM GR is a versatile innovation catering to a wide range of applications, including eye, face, hair care, hair color, makeup, pet care, and skincare products. This exceptional formulation offers a host of technical advantages, including remarkable water and tear resistance, reduced transfer, excellent sebum resistance, and compatibility with salt. On the cosmetic front, NATPURE FILM GR presents water resistance, superb shine, and beneficial tackiness before drying, making it an ideal choice for long-lasting makeup products.

Discover the power of the natural makeup trend with Sensient Beauty’s innovative and eco-conscious ingredients. From sustainable botanical extracts to natural mineral filters, we offer a diverse range of solutions for makeup, skincare, and hair care formulations. Reach out to Sensient Beauty today!

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