The Skincare and Makeup Hybrid Is The Evergreen Beauty Trend That’s Here To Stay

Convenience and performance combined

Hybrid Makeup - Featured Image

When you spend long hours wearing makeup on your skin, it makes sense for them to contain skin-loving ingredients that care for the skin while diffusing imperfections. The idea of a skincare-makeup hybrid isn’t new in Asia though—BB Creams (Blemish Balm Creams), originally developed by German dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek to protect her patients’ skin after facial peels and surgery in the 1960s, gained popularity amongst Koreans in the early 2000s where the trend eventually evolved into other product lines like CC Creams (Color Correction Creams) and BB Cushions. 

In the West, the trend for incorporating skincare ingredients into makeup had just started to pick up, in part due to the pandemic where there is more emphasis for multi-tasking beauty products that helps individuals get ready in a jiffy. There is also the cost efficiency benefit of requiring fewer products to achieve maximum results. While lockdowns have eased up and the world is on its way to pandemic recovery, the trend of hybrid makeup would not, largely due to the desire to retain the fresh-faced, understated makeup look that has resonated with many during the pandemic.

Complexion makeup that nourishes

Tinted moisturizers offer lightweight coverage that still allows natural skin texture to peek through. In addition to unifying the complexion, tinted moisturizers also contains skincare ingredients which can hydrate skin, brighten pigmentation or enhance skin radiance.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are also hybrid foundations that offer higher coverage to mask blemishes, but at the same time treat skin imperfections like inflammation, acne and dark spots, while protecting against sun damage with UV filters.

Color Cream – SCT6115A SMF 

A creamy foundation with a powdery finish, the Color Cream SCT6115A SMF contains Unipure LC ADT-C for great coverage and improves the longevity of its wear while UVR TiO2 ADT-C, an ultrafine rutile titanium dioxide, provides the protection against UVB without leaving a white cast. Finally, Sensibead SI 175 gives a matte, powdery finish to the foundation and provides soft focus effect to blur out imperfections. 

You-niversal Foundation SPF 30 – SCT6150 SMF 

Formulated to blend easily into skin, this foundation provides protection against ultraviolet damage. Unipure LC AS improves compatibility with oils for long-lasting finish. Ultra fine UV TiO2 AS act as a filter against UV damage, while Covabead Crystal provides a physical protection against blue light while boosting the overall SPF of the formulation. 

Radiant Foundation Cream SPF15 PA++ – SCT6289 SMF 

This foundation contains Unipure LC HLC pigments to give it a creamy texture. Covapearl Satin 931 AS gives skin an illuminating effect. Mineral sunscreen dispersions Covascreen Zn AS D56 and Covascreen Ti AS D56 are combined withorganic UV filter protect skin against sun damage, with an SPF 15 PA++.

Flawless Foundation – SCT6388 SMF

Unipure ADT-3 allows this formula to contain a large amount of pigment without impacting viscosity. Covasilic 15 increases consistency and suspends the powders and pigments. Finally, Sensibead SI 175 and Sensibead SI 320 absorbs excess sebum to provide a long-lasting matte finish and gives the complexion a soft focus effect.

Color and care

A light wash of color over the lips and cheeks can bring wonders to warming the complexion and bring focus to the features. Multi-tasking products like a lip and cheek tint imparts pigment to the face, with a unifying color palette that ties the look together. Lip tints and balms do an amazing job at giving the pout a see-through color, while protecting and hydrating lips at the same time.

Radilicious Nat’Stick – SCT6192B SML 

A lipstick made with Natpure ColFine, a vegetable based color complex, creates a fully vegetable-based lipstick with recognizable ingredients. 

Yellorange tinted lipbalm – SCT6207 SCL 

Hybrid - Yellorange tinted lipbalm

Combining lip color and lip care, this tinted lipbalm turns from yellow to orange after application thanks to the bromoacid dye Unicert K7053. Together with Natpure Colfine Sunshine T114 – Turmeric, a turmeric extract, the color of lip balm turns from yellow and gradually changes to orange on the lips. Turmeric offers the additional benefit of lightening lip hyperpigmentation, as well as antioxidant properties.

The structure of this lip balm uses Covalip 94 WP and Natpure Feel-M Eco to aid smooth application and provide an emollient feel. Covagloss helps to give lips a glossy shine, Covasterol provides intense moisturization on the lips and Covabsorb is an UV filter as well as a color protector to retain the natural colorant of Turmeric. 

Superfood Infused Nat’Gloss – SCT6216A SML 

Hybrid Makeup - Superfood Infused Nat’Gloss

A lip gloss that’s made of natural ingredients, the Superfood Infused Nat’Gloss helps to keep lips moisturized. Covasterol cuts down the sticky feeling of castor oil present in the formula. Natpure ColFine are extracted from juice allowing the formula to be 100% natural.

Poured Velvet Nat’3in1 – SCT6292 SMM

A versatile formula that can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks, this product contains Natpure ColFine, a natural powder complex from superfood which provides bright and vivid color on the skin with care benefits. Combined with Covapearl to give a subtle sheen on the eyelids, cheeks and lips. Amidon de Mais MST absorbs the excess sebum to retain a nice semi-matte finish. Natpure Feel-M Eco improves the glide for smoother application and good color pay-off.

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