Pink October: Formulating Beauty Products for Cancer Patients

Go beyond dressing products in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October marks the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with brands kicking off their support for breast cancer survivors by pledging a portion or even 100% of their proceeds to breast cancer research or foundations which support those who suffer from breast cancer. The most notable supporter would be the Estee Lauder Companies, which has helmed its annual breast cancer campaign since 1992.

However, support for breast cancer survivors go beyond marketing campaigns and raising funds—it can come in the form of a reminder to do self breast examinations or products that cater specifically to cancer patients’ needs. Ahead, we highlight the efforts that extend past dressing products in pink during the month of October.

LUX – The Soap With A Lump

Conceived in 2019, Lux’s The Soap With A Lump serves as a visual and tactile cue for women to remember to perform self-examinations to detect lumps. The soap comes with a manual which guides the user on how to conduct breast self-examinations, so that they can perform it in the privacy of their bathroom.

Brands that care

Breast cancer patients undergo enormous physical changes during their treatments and that can include hair loss, sensitive skin, loss of eyelashes and eyebrows, mouth dryness, cracking lips and sun sensitivity. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy not only bring about physical changes to the body, but can also affect the way patients feel about themselves, their femininity and their confidence. It’s a very specific and niche group, but for the 2.3 million women diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020, any chance to look and feel any semblance of normalcy would bring relief to their mental and physical health.

Brands like Jennifer Young, Hynt Beauty and Saltygirl Beauty speak to breast cancer patients with their gentle, yet nourishing formulas. Jennifer Young goes above and beyond selling products with advice and recommendations for their customers when they’re at a different stage of their treatment, or when in remission.

The C-List, an eCommerce website, curates products that are suitable for different stages of treatments—whether it’s chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy or remission—making it easy for cancer patients, or their loved ones to shop suitable products that will support their recovery.

Common Concerns and Remedies

Dehydration and irritation
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One of the most common side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy are itchy, dry and irritated skin. Soothing products that offer gentle nourishment to the skin work best. Extremely dry skin occurs as a result when skin’s barrier functions are compromised. Restoring skin’s peptides and amino acids can strengthen ceramides — which in turn repairs skin barrier functions, helping to keep moisture in, and external aggressors out.

Sun sensitivity

Cancer therapies can sometimes trigger sensitivity to UV exposure, making it more susceptible to sun damage. Hence, a high-performance sunscreen that is non-irritating to the skin can help protect a patient’s skin against ultraviolet damage.

Dullness and sallowness

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Cancer treatments are often taxing on the body and skin may look lacklustre and even aged due to the skin and body’s response to these treatments. With dryness and irritation being the main concerns, these skin conditions can sometimes manifest as dullness, which makes the skin appear older, more wrinkled and grey. Makeup can help bring colour and shine back to the skin, but some may exacerbate dryness, so it’s important to pick hydrating formulas that both nourish and lend skin some lustre.

Hair loss
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While hair loss on the head can be remedied with a hat or a wig, it’s not quite as straightforward when it comes to the hair on the brows and eyes. Eyebrow pens like Stila’s Stay-All-Day Waterproof Brow Color can create hair-like strokes while stay reliably resilient against sweat and water. The Reallyyy!? Eyebrow Extension from Japan contains hair-like fibers in a clear gel to mimic brow hairs and give dimension to drawn brows.

For those who experience hair thinning or hair loss, ensuring that hair growth is returned after chemotherapy is usually the primary concern as it affects a patient’s mental well-being and their self-esteem. Hair care products that calm and soothe itchy scalp, stimulate hair growth, or reduce hair breakage can all help when helping a patient regain confidence.

Formulation that cares for cancer patients

At Sensient Beauty, highly efficacious formulations can be created that simultaneously cares for cancer survivors’ skin and hair, while improving their overall well being.

Natural ingredients and Botanical Actives

Clean natural actives like Natpure ColFine, Covasterol, Natpure Feel-M Eco and Natpure Film AP can benefit the skin with its botanical origins which are safe even on sensitive and irritated skin. Naturally derived pigments like Natpure ColFine, are sustainably sourced and uses extracts from potato, beetroot, carrot, radish, spirulina and turmeric to create makeup, skincare and haircare products that are bright and vivid, while offering antioxidant properties.

Sun protection

When skin is weakened by cancer therapies, one of the most important thing is to prevent further damage to it. That’s why having proper suncare is so important. Covabead Crystal offers well-rounded protection from the sun, while enhancing skin’s appearance with light-reflection properties that gives skin a soft focus effect. Mineral UV filters like Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are the gold standards for mineral sunscreen, providing protection against both UVA and UVB damage. Covascreen Zn AS D5-6 and Covascreen Ti AS D5-6 help disperse mineral UV filters, improving its spreadability and sensorial feel during application.

Contact us to find out more about how our ingredients and technology can help you formulate the best products that care for your customer’s skin, hair and overall well-being.

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