How Japanese Hair Care Is Leading Consumer Hair Rituals

Ahead, we explore the characteristics of Japanese haircare and highlight the ingredients that mirror its values and ideology.

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With concepts such a Zen and minimalism being such a big part of Japanese life, it’s no wonder that they carry forward these beliefs in all aspect of their lives, including beauty. Perceived to be thoughtful and intentional, Japanese haircare is considered the leader in the Asian market, creating gentle, natural and organic products that are designed specifically for Asian hair.

While much thought has been placed into the formulation of its products, Japanese haircare products remain very affordable. Ahead, we explore the characteristics of Japanese haircare and highlight the ingredients that mirror its values and ideology.

Skin-ification and scalp care

Jap Hair Care - Scalp Care

Regardless of age and hair type, the Japanese believe in using gentle ingredients to nourish the scalp and hair. Like their preference for using mild skincare, consumers gravitate towards natural botanical oils that nurture the scalp in order to improve overall hair health.

Treating the scalp as an extension of the skin on the face, Japanese haircare formulates haircare and scalp care products that boost moisture as a means of balancing sebum production. Clarifying scalp scrubs also work to purify hair follicles, and gently exfoliate away dead skin from the scalp.

Formulating for the scalp and hair

Sensient Technologies also produces three grades of charcoal — Vegetable Charcoal, Vegetable Charcoal PN94 and Covarine Charcoal P-WN 9794 — a natural ingredient which has excellent purification properties. When used in haircare, Charcoal is able to control sebum production, wick away excess oil and absorb impurities that may clog pores.


Jap Hair Care - One and Done

Fuss-free products are extremely popular with time-strapped Japanese consumers. Hair masks which require very little leave-in time are particularly well received alongside other all-in-one treatments like spray-on scalp refresh lotions or multifunctional sticks that masks grey hair and tames flyaways. Speed and simplicity is the key in formulating haircare products that appeal to the modern busy women.

Formulating for busy people

Multi-tasking products allow consumers to streamline their beauty ritual and spend less time on it—this requires expert formulations and ingredients like Sensibiopro R. This complex containing nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, Stearic Acid, and Capric Triglyceride simultaneously hydrates and offer thermal protection against heat styling. Sensibiopro R can be used in a wide range of haircare products including shampoo, conditioner and treatments.

Sustainably sourced and derived from coconut, Natpure Feel-M ECO naturally conditions to give hair the lustre of healthy hair. Comb-through is easy, even when hair is wet. Natpure Feel-M ECO can be used in a variety of leave-in hair products, including the Curl Defining Leave On—a leave-in gel cream formulated for curly and wavy hair to eliminate frizz while making hair manageably soft.

Anti-aging haircare

Jap Hair Care - Anti-Aging

Just as there’s anti-aging skincare, the idea also carries over to haircare. With Japan experiencing the largest aging population globally, there is a growing consumer base that’s seeking solutions to anti-aging hair care. The biggest aging hair concerns include that of grey and thinning hair—sparking a need for haircare products that addresses greys and hair fall.

In Japan, there are products that introduce pigments in shampoos and conditioners to gradually tint hair with use. Powders in a handy tube allows consumers to quickly touch up grey hair and give the appearance of a fuller mane.

Formulating anti-aging haircare

Jap Hair Care - Grey Hair Coverage

Combining Arianor and Covarine hair dyes produces an excellent instant color performance with minimum staining. This semi-permanent hair dye builds up color without the damage compared to permanent hair dyes. For the aging consumers who has grey hair, repeatedly dyeing with permanent hair dye may not be an option—thus semi-permanent hair dye can be a good alternative to maintain black hair, without damaging hair strands as much.

Find out how you can formulate hair care products that emulate the values and ideology behind Japanese haircare. Contact us now to discover now.

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