Arianor® dyes are basic direct hair dyes, with cationic character used for semi-permanent hair coloration. Sensient has developed a unique expertise in the synthesis of these high purity dyes to meet global formulators’ requirement for hair coloration. It can be used in both hair color and hair care applications.


  • Used for temporary, semi-permanent applications, and for some of them demi-permanent and permanent applications 
  • Excellent affinity for hair, especially for damaged hair 
  • Good shampoo and UV long lasting properties 
Low selectivity 
  • Similar substantivity to hair 
  • Minimizes the risk of unexpected shades 
  • Minimizes the risk in the wash out process 
  • Removed to a similar extent during washing 
  • An overall reduction in color is obtained without significant shade changes 

Hair care 

  • Products for colored or bleached hair, and for light to medium natural pigmented hair. 
  • Build-up of the color with repeated use 
  • Color refresher , for illuminating effect or  
  • Neutralization of unwanted shade evolution 

Hair color 

  • Temporary and semi-permanent application 
  • Bring new highlights, visible change to hair color at the first application.           
  • Coverage of the first gray hair: natural shade or natural shade with highlights        
  • Arianor® direct dyes can be used in combination with Covariane® nitro dyes 

8 grades adapted for semi-permanent applications for hair care and hair color products 

 5 grades adapted to semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent applications for Intense and Flashy colors 

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