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The climate, culture and religions of Southeast Asia make up a beauty market with unique needs

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Home to 240 million Muslims and making up about 25 percent of the world’s Muslim population, Southeast Asia is unique cornucopia of religion, culture and climate. Its tropical weather averages around 81 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius), but can reach temperatures of 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius) in hot afternoons. As such, people in Southeast Asia have developed specialised beauty needs in this hot and humid climate.

Besides requiring products to be Halal-certified, products need to hold up against sweat and heat. The region has also been conservative in its mask mandates during the pandemic, with many countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Singapore still requiring mask-wearing in crowded and indoor spaces. Long-wearing foundation, water-resistant eyeliners and mascaras, as well as multi-functional cosmetics are preferred by inhabitants of Southeast Asia as a result of the climate and mask-wearing restrictions.

Halal Beauty Trends

Color Trend #1: Universal Soul

A flattering red, Universal Soul can be used on the eyes, lips, cheeks and nails. This true neutral strikes a balance between warm and cool, flattering all complexions.

Color Trend #2: This is ME!

A hark back to the my lips but better (MLBB) trend, this nude revolution sees a play on wearing skin tones other than your own, with deliberately mismatched shades.

Color Trend #3: Forest Mysteries

Deep, intense and inspired by nature. These saturated tones of greens, purples, plum and blue are luxurious and eye-catching, ideal for evenings and special occasions.

Extending Wear Through Film Formers

Film formers like the acrylic-based Covacryl® or sugar-based Natpure® Film AP & GR help improve the water and shear resistance. Setting sprays help seal in the makeup and forms a protective layer against friction from mask-wearing and the elements. It also helps to extend the wear of any makeup worn that’s not inherently long-wearing, especially in the underserved foundation category where darker shades are often not available.

Halal Beauty - Transfer Free Makeup

Extending Wear Through Surface Treatments

Another way makeup wear can be extended is through surface-treated pigments. Through extensive tests done to determine the longevity of foundation when worn under a mask, it’s been found that the BA Botanical Avocado and HLC Botanical Soya perform well against the competition. BA Botanical Avocado has a low viscosity, and has skin barrier strengthening and anti-aging properties, while HLC Botanical Soya conditions skin without irritating sensitive skin.

Formulating for the Southeast Asian Beauty Market

The unique makeup needs of the Southeast Asian market calls for high-performance products that fit the bill when it comes to their climate, culture and religious beliefs. Recognizing the demand for Halal-compliant ingredients and the prerequisite for long-lasting cosmetics, Sensient Beauty has developed formulas available for this growing market.

Setting Spray: SCT6285-2 SMI

This makeup setting spray uses two types of film formers — Covacryl® E14 PF and Covacryl® A15 PE1— the former to improve the wear of makeup while the latter leaves a soft and supple feeling on the skin. Combined, this fast-drying setting spray leaves a veil of protection over the makeup to help it last longer, even in hot and humid weather.

Halal Beauty - Makeup Spray

Smoothing Concealer: SCT6185A SMF

Women in Southeast Asia then to prefer complexion that looks unified and even, with blemishes and imperfections covered. As such, high-coverage concealers are favored, with an emphasis on longevity without feeling heavy or cakey on skin. Sensient Beauty’s Smoothing Concealer contains the Unipure® LC HLC pigments that offer superior coverage, while allowing skin to look and feel smooth. Sensibead® SI 175 is also included in the formula to improve the sensorial feel, adding creaminess to the texture during application. Natpure® Xtra Longevity, an antioxidant, is also added to the formula to improve skin’s resilience against free radical damage and protecting it from environmental aggressors.

Poured Velvet Nat’ 3 in 1: SCT6292 SMM

Conceived as a multi-functional makeup product, the Poured Velvet Nat’ 3 in 1 is a color cosmetic that is suitable for use on the eyes, cheeks and lips. Natpure® Xfine, a naturally-derived powder complex, gives the formula its vivid colours while providing antioxidant benefits for the skin. Covapearl® gives the formula a nice sheen to add dimension and highlight to the area of application. To improve the wear, Amidon de Mais MST is added to absorb excess sebum and give skin a semi-matte finish while Natpure® Feel-M Eco helps the formula glide on for a smoother application.

Find out how Sensient Beauty can help you formulate the best product to tap on the growing Halal Southeast Asian market.  Contact us to learn more and discover our full portfolio of ingredients and formulations.

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