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Solubilizers are indispensable ingredients in the formulation of cosmetics and skincare. Their primary function is to enhance solubility, ensuring that various components in a cosmetic product seamlessly blend together, resulting in a harmonious and effective formulation. These compounds play a pivotal role in the creation of homogeneous products that offer not only visual appeal but also consistent performance.

At the heart of the matter lies the challenge of incorporating ingredients with limited solubility into cosmetic and skincare formulations. Many such components, such as fragrances, essential oils, vitamins, and certain active compounds, possess the propensity to resist dissolving in the final product. Enter solubilizers, which come to the rescue by improving the solubility of these stubborn ingredients. The result? A product that retains its uniformity, preventing undesirable separation or precipitation over time.

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One of the paramount roles of solubilizers is to maintain the stability of cosmetic formulations. Without these diligent agents, certain ingredients might tend to segregate from the rest of the product, leading to an inconsistent product and diminishing its shelf life. By ensuring even distribution, solubilizers safeguard against the separation of ingredients, extending the lifespan of the product and, subsequently, its usability.

Beyond stability, solubilizers also contribute to the overall sensory experience of cosmetic products. They can transform a clunky, uneven texture into a smooth, seamless one, making products such as lotions, creams, and serums a joy to apply. The texture and feel of a product can significantly influence a consumer’s perception of its quality, making solubilizers essential in the pursuit of a pleasing user experience.

Effectiveness in product performance cannot be overlooked. Solubilizers ensure that active ingredients are evenly dispersed, rendering them readily available for absorption by the skin. This is especially crucial for skincare products designed to provide specific benefits, such as anti-aging or hydration. By facilitating the even distribution of these key actives, solubilizers help unlock the full potential of a product.

Transparency and clarity are other areas where solubilizers shine, particularly in the formulation of transparent or clear products like gels, micellar water, and serums. Solubilizers play a critical role in preserving the visual appeal of these products. They prevent the formation of visible particles or cloudiness, ensuring that the product remains crystal clear, visually appealing, and marketable.

Sensient Beauty’s solubilizer offerings encompass a wide range of formulations and benefits, and can be used to create skincare and cosmetic products that are unique in textures. While both synthetic and natural solubilizers find their place in the formulation landscape, the spotlight often shines on the benefits of natural solubilizers.

Natpure® Sol SL

Solubilisateur - Natpure Sol SL

NATPURE® SOL SL offers many benefits, besides being a solubilizer, it also functions as an emulsifier, cleanser and oil thickener. This natural and COSMOS certified solubilizer is meticulously designed to empower formulators to create exceptional natural cosmetics that align with consumer preferences for eco-conscious, sustainable, and high-quality products. With a rich set of attributes and benefits, NATPURE® SOL SL stands out as a powerhouse ingredient for a wide range of cosmetic applications.

NATPURE® SOL SL’s natural origin is traced back to sugar cane and palm, making it a renewable resource. Its eco-friendly properties extend to its biodegradability, aligning with the global push for sustainability and responsible sourcing, with a 100% natural-derived index in line with ISO 16128. This natural pedigree is further accentuated by its HALAL compliance, broadening its appeal to a diverse range of consumers.

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The composition of NATPURE® SOL SL is intriguing. It’s a liquid preprocessed solution housing sucrose esters, a unique surfactant with both hydrophilic and lipophilic properties. These esters are obtained through the esterification of fatty acids and sucrose, making them excellent solubilizers and emulsifiers. What sets NATPURE® SOL SL apart is its exceptionally high HLB value of 18, one of the highest available in the market. This high HLB value makes it an ideal emulsifier, allowing formulators to create transformative thickened, crystal-clear oil-based gels (D-phase) and fluid light emulsions. These emulsions are versatile and suitable for a wide array of cosmetic applications.

But it doesn’t stop there; this natural solubilizer is a true multi-tasker in the world of cosmetics. As a texturing agent, it enables the creation of diverse textures, ranging from fresh to warm, and from fluid to thick. This versatility empowers formulators to customize the sensory experience of their cosmetic products to cater to specific consumer preferences. Additionally, NATPURE® SOL SL shines as an excellent mild cleanser, ensuring that products designed for cleansing applications are gentle on the skin. It also serves as an oil thickener, enhancing the texture of oil-based gels with a rich and nourishing feel. This property opens up a wide range of applications, including skincare, cleansing, personal care, and hair care products.


Masque gel à l'huile naturelle SCT6254 SCW

The Natural Oil Gel Mask is a refreshing and hydrating skincare product designed to provide the skin with natural moisture and renewal. When applied, users simply leave it on for 20 minutes before gently wiping it off with a wet cotton pad. What sets this mask apart is its unique formulation, which includes NATPURE® SOL SL, an alcohol solubilizer and emulsifier. NATPURE® SOL SL plays a pivotal role in stabilizing glycerin within the oils, resulting in the creation of a clear, spreadable oil-gel texture. This luxurious gel not only feels delightful on the skin but also effectively locks in moisture, delivering essential hydration to the skin. Alongside NATPURE® FEEL M-ECO, a natural ester blend that enhances spreading during application, and NATPURE® COL ORANGE LC 214L, a natural oil-soluble food dye from Annatto that provides the mask’s vivid color, this product offers a harmonious blend of natural ingredients for a rejuvenating skincare experience.

Lotion naturelle SCT6364 SCD

Natpure Sol SL - Lotion naturelle

The Natural Lotion is a remarkable skincare product that strikes a perfect balance between being ultra-light and incredibly nourishing. This formula harnesses the power of three key ingredients, carefully selected to deliver a skin-loving experience like no other. At the core of this exceptional lotion is NATPURE® CELLGUM PLUS, a natural thickener derived from tree fibers that have been co-processed with cellulose. This innovative ingredient not only imparts a luxurious and melty sensation to the skin upon application but also contributes to the lotion’s overall texture and feel, ensuring that it glides on effortlessly and absorbs beautifully.

The Natural Lotion also benefits from the inclusion of NATPURE® SOL SL, a Cosmos-certified natural emulsifier derived from sugarcane. This emulsifier, conditioned with the help of NATPURE® FEEL-M ECO, brings a delicate and light emollient touch to the lotion. This combination of natural ingredients not only enhances the lotion’s texture but also provides a nourishing and hydrating experience for the skin. With its ultra-lightweight yet nourishing qualities, the Natural Lotion is poised to become a favorite among those seeking a skincare product that marries the best of both worlds, leaving the skin feeling pampered and revitalized.

Natpure Sol Crystal OF

Solubilisant - Natpure Sol Crystal OF

NATPURE® SOL CRYSTAL OF is an improved version of NATPURE® SOL CRYSTAL with the same technical benefits and a higher naturality index. It is a highly efficient solubilizer designed to elevate the formulation of natural cosmetics and fragrances. Sourced from a combination of wood, corn beetroot, and palm, this exceptional ingredient offers global compliance, meeting regulatory standards in the EU, USA, Japan, and China. With a remarkable 93% natural-derived index in accordance with ISO 16128, NATPURE® SOL CRYSTAL OF embodies the essence of natural beauty formulation, making it an ideal choice for those seeking eco-conscious skincare solutions.

NATPURE® SOL CRYSTAL OF shines as an oily ingredient solubilizer, enabling the creation of cosmetics with reduced alcohol content or even alcohol-free compositions. It facilitates the solubilization of a wide range of components, including perfume concentrates, essential oils, actives, emollients, UV filters, and vitamins, among others. As a non-ionic solubilizer, it boasts compatibility with most preservatives and formula components, further enhancing its versatility. Notably, NATPURE® SOL CRYSTAL OF is compatible with ethanol, a valuable feature in cosmetics that utilize ethanol as a key ingredient. Its low viscosity and efficiency translate into lower required percentages for achieving stable and transparent microemulsions, providing formulators with ease of use and economic benefits.

Environmental responsibility is a hallmark of NATPURE® SOL CRYSTAL OF. This solubilizer is readily biodegradable, adhering to OECD301F regulations, ensuring that it breaks down in an environmentally friendly manner. Its non-ecotoxic properties, as per OECD 201 and OECD 202 regulations for algae and daphnia, respectively, underscore its commitment to minimizing ecological impact. Micellar water, a versatile skincare solution, finds a natural ally in NATPURE® SOL CRYSTAL OF. With the ability to lower surface tension and form micelles, this solubilizer is ideal for capturing impurities without drying out the skin. The lower critical micelle concentration (CMC) enhances impurity capture, making it a top choice for micellar water formulations, which serve as cleansers, makeup removers, and moisturizers in one. NATPURE® SOL CRYSTAL OF truly embodies the harmony of nature and science, delivering exceptional solubilization capabilities with a commitment to eco-friendliness and effectiveness in a wide range of cosmetic applications.

Solubisant LRI

Solubilisant - Solubisant LRI 1

SOLUBILISANT LRI is a surfactant blend designed to offer a versatile alternative to alcohol in various cosmetic and perfumery products, opening up new possibilities for formulations that cater to a wide range of consumer needs. This innovative solution boasts impressive technical properties, functioning as a solubilizer for perfume concentrates, essential oils, vitamins, and other oily ingredients. What sets it apart is its capacity to enable the creation of cosmetic and perfumery products with reduced alcohol content, making them suitable for family use, sensitive skin, or even child-friendly formulations. For those who prefer alcohol-free cosmetics, SOLUBILISANT LRI provides a game-changing option. As a non-ionic solubilizer, it demonstrates excellent compatibility with preservatives, ensuring that formulations remain stable and safe for use. Its ease of use and the low percentage required for stable microemulsions further enhance its appeal to cosmetic formulators. With an optimal HLB (Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance) for microemulsions, SOLUBILISANT LRI delivers exceptional stability, ensuring that your formulations maintain their integrity and effectiveness.

Solubilisant - Solubisant LRI 2

Beyond its technical prowess, SOLUBILISANT LRI offers a plethora of cosmetic benefits. It excels in minimizing stickiness, a common concern in many skincare and cosmetic products. The result is a pleasant user experience characterized by a lightweight and non-greasy feel on the skin. As a mild surfactant, it is suitable for hypoallergenic formulations, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive or reactive skin. It also optimizes the odor profile of formulations, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

SOLUBILISANT LRI truly shines when it comes to formulating microemulsions. Its effectiveness in solubilizing various hydrophobic compounds, such as Linalool, is remarkable. This capability is especially significant since Linalool is frequently present in fragrances. SOLUBILISANT LRI’s performance is further accentuated when it interacts synergistically with other components in the formula, such as perfume, reducing the required amount of solubilizer and optimizing the overall formulation.

SOLUBILISANT LRI’s utility as a cleansing agent is also noteworthy. Its concentration-dependent behavior transitions from individual surfactant molecules to the formation of micelles, which have a hydrophobic core capable of solubilizing impurities. This property is linked to its critical micelle concentration (CMC), with lower CMC values leading to more effective cleansing properties. In the case of micellar water, SOLUBILISANT LRI’s low CMC makes it an excellent choice as a cleansing agent, ensuring thorough yet gentle removal of impurities.


Aquacleanser SCT0872B-1 SCW

Solubisant LRI - Aquacleanser

Aquacleanser represents a high-performance micellar solution tailored to the specific needs of individuals with dry and sensitive skin. At its core, SOLUBILISANT LRI emerges as the ultimate solution for gentle yet highly efficient cleansing that extends beyond the face to the delicate eye area. This remarkable micellar formulation seamlessly removes impurities and makeup, leaving the skin refreshed and revitalized. But Aquacleanser doesn’t stop at cleansing; it also prioritizes skin hydration, and this is where HYDROFACTEUR HC comes into play. As a comprehensive moisturizing active, it functions as a natural substitute for Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF), ensuring that the skin receives the hydration it craves. This moisture boost is essential for maintaining skin health and alleviating dryness, a common concern for those with sensitive skin.

The Aquacleanser is equipped with the soothing benefits of FUCOSORB, which imparts valuable anti-inflammatory properties to the formula. This ingredient enhances the overall skincare experience, particularly for individuals with sensitive skin, by minimizing potential irritations and promoting a calming effect. COVABSORB DS, a color protector, ensures the product maintains its aesthetic appeal, ensuring that it remains visually appealing and consistent over time.

Fondation Water Mellow SCT6159 SMF

Water Mellow Foundation is a fresh foundation experience like no other with a luxurious silicone skin feel. This oil-in-water (O/W) foundation is a testament to cutting-edge formulation, where the magic happens through the combined synergy of SOLUBILISANT LRI and NATPURE® FEEL-M ECO. Together, they create a harmonious blend that not only provides excellent emolliency but also ensures a smooth and lightweight application, leaving skin with a delightful silicone-like texture that’s both comfortable and luxurious.

The secret to the Water Mellow Foundation’s impeccable skin feel lies in the combination of COVACRYL MV60, which work in tandem to deliver a uniquely bouncy structure. This innovative pairing provides a remarkable tactile experience, making skin feel supple and resilient, akin to a high-quality silicone-based foundation but with a fresher and more breathable touch.

But the Water Mellow Foundation is not just about texture; it’s also about performance. UNIPURE PHY, easily dispersible in water, steps in to offer superb coverage and excellent color homogeneity, ensuring that the complexion looks flawless and naturally radiant. This foundation doesn’t just sit on the skin; it becomes one with it, concealing imperfections and providing a consistent and beautiful finish. It’s also enriched with the hydrating power of FUCOSORB WP and HYDROFACTEUR HC, ensuring that skin remains moisturized and comfortable throughout the day.

Discover how Sensient Beauty’s Solubilizers can can elevate your products to new heights of excellence. Contact Sensient Beauty today and unlock the potential of our revolutionary solubilizers.

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