Estendendo os cuidados com a pele para além da face: Tendências do Banho e do Ducha para 2023

While the pandemic has emphasized the importance of cleansing, consumers are looking beyond hygiene when it comes to their personal care needs.

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While body care products have often been viewed as a hygiene necessity rather than an indulgence, that has all changed during the pandemic. Ahead are the bath and shower trends that will shape the way consumers approach personal care.

Cuidados com o corpo inutilizado por cicatrizes

While the pandemic has emphasized the importance of cleansing, consumers are looking beyond hygiene when it comes to their personal care needs. “Skinification”, the skincare trend seen across hair care and makeup has also entered the personal care territory, where consumers treat the skin on their bodies as they do on their faces, increasing a demand for skincare properties in their products.

One of the hallmarks of this trend is the ability for the products to cleanse and nourish at the same time—with high-quality body washes that also offer skincare benefits like treating acne, infusing skin with collagen, smoothing away cellulite and also soothing eczema.

Restaurando a hidratação

Soap has a bad rep of stripping skin of its natural moisture, but skincare-infused shower gels formulated with hydrating ingredients are able to restore skin’s hydration and balance the microbiome so that skin on the body remains moisturised and healthy. Shower oils, in particular, are favored for both its hydrating properties, and its luxurious texture. Emulsifying upon contact with water, shower gels are able to wick away impurities and dirt, while retaining skin’s natural moistures levels.

Biomim Shower Oil SCT6374 PC

Banho & Ducha - Óleo de Banho Biomim

Formulated with a low level of surfactants thanks to cleansing properties of NATPURE SOL CRYSTAL, this shower oil offers hydrating and cleansing properties.

The light texture of NATPURE FEEL M ECO and the luminous color of NATPURE COL YELLOW LC 112, protected with SENSISORB BIOMIM, gives the shower oil a lustrous color.

Beer Shower SCT6132A SCW

This dual phase body wash is formulated with gentle surfactants and moisturizes skin with NATPURE FEEL M ECO — a unique blend of naturals oils for a hydrating and sensorial experience. The colour is adjusted with UNICERT-J dyes to look like beer and it contains FUCOSORB 3ALGA an algae concentrate with excellent skin moisturizing and calming properties.

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Diversidade de banhos e chuveiros

People from different ethnicities have different skin types and concerns. For example, melanin-rich skin is often prone to dryness and may sometimes have an ashy-tone if not sufficiently moisturised. Rich and nourishing body washes can benefit those with darker skin, and help their skin appear more radiant and glowy.

Protegendo a barreira da pele

Skin is the largest organ of the body and its main function is to protect the body against external aggressors. Ensuring a healthy skin barrier can protect against bacteria, infection and pollutants, while ensuring that it limits trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) so skin can retain moisture and remain hydrated. Body care products that enhances the skin barrier functions can come in the way of antioxidants for an additional layer of protection against environmental aggressors. They can also include ingredients like ceramides to strengthen skin barrier or include UV protection to help skin defend against UV damage.

Benefícios antibacterianos

Products focusing on anti-bacterial benefits have evolved from solely targeting germs to softening and soothing the skin while cleansing. Formulas can include hyaluronic acid and collagen to strengthen and hydrate, while spearmint, menthol, and tea tree extracts can cool skin and keep back acne at bay.

Ice-Sea Shower Gel SCT6428 PC

Banho & Ducha - Ice Sea Shower Gel

Formulated with COVAFRESH, a water soluble methyl lactate, this shower gel provides a cooling sensation. FUCOSORB 3ALGA, a 100 percent natural water soluble red and brown seaweed extract, soothes and moiturizes the skin.

The greenish-blue color is achieved using UNICERT-J dyes, and is protected with SENSISORB BIOMIM, a color and fragrance protector, inspired by marine organism.

Lavagem das mãos como um regime

Banho & Chuveiro - Lavagem das mãos

The pandemic has shown the world the importance of personal hygiene and regular hand washing is part of an essential hygiene routine. However, frequent handwashing may cause the hands to dry out, calling for more hydrating ingredients in hand wash, or formulations with a luxurious texture or scent to make handwashing a sensorial experience.

Color-Changing Hand Foam SCT6234A SCF

It’s important to wash the hands for at least 20 seconds for germs and impurities to be removed thoroughly. Instead of relying on a timer, this hand foam changes color from pink to white, indicating that it’s ready to be rinsed off. Colored with our UNICERT-J dyes, which are globally compliant. COVABSORB and COVABSORB DS is color protection agent solubilized with SOLUBILSANT LRI. FUCOSORB 3ALGA is a blend of algae extract that can helps to sooth and hydrate the skin

Autocuidado diário

Banho & Ducha - Autocuidado

For some busy women and men, the only time they get to relax and unwind from their daily stress is when they shower or take a bath, making the bathroom a sanctuary for self care. Coupled with the fact that people had limited access to spas and salons during the pandemic, having a self-care ritual at home helps consumers to carve out time for wellness. Products that enhances the at-home spa experience are often those that are formulated with enveloping textures, and provide skincare benefits, all while smelling luxurious. Products like bath salts, bubble baths, bath bombs or exfoliators that aren’t normally used in daily body care, present as a treat for the skin— and an opportunity to pamper oneself.

Lavender Bath Salt SCT6206-1 PC

Banho & Ducha - Sal de Banho de Lavanda

Colored using the NATPURE COLFINE BURGUNDY P313, a natural potato extract. When added into dry formula, it has the ability to plate dry ingredients, adding pigments to otherwise colorless products, like sea salt. Upon addition into water, NATPURE COLFINE BURGUNDY P313 will dissolve and change from pink to blue. This is due the neutral pH of water, and the color of NATPURE COLFINE BURGUNDY P313 is changing due to change in overall pH.

Bath Explosion SCT2394

Banho & Chuveiro - Explosão de Banho

This bath bomb releases a terracotta color in the bath and is activated on contact with water. AMIDON DE MAIS MST is a natural powder which holds all the natural powders together. NATPURE FEEL M ECO is a natural blend of esters which allows powders to be compacted into a sphere. COVABSORB protects the colors, and allows it to retain its color over time. UNICERT VIOLET, D&C RED and COVAPEARL FIRE RED are used to color the product.

Lavender Sugar Scrub SCT2395

This highly concentrated sugar scrub sloughs off dead skin cells, stimulates the growth of new cells and restores radiance to the skin. Apply the scrub in a circular motion on the entire face and body, leave on for 10 minutes then rinse. Do it once or twice a week. The formula contains NATPURE FEEL M ECO, a natural blend of esters which makes it easier to spread the product on the skin.

Produtos eco-conscientes

Banho & Ducha - Eco-consciente

The pandemic has also brought about sensitivity to environmental impact, and demand products that are more eco-conscious. These can come in the form of non-toxic formulations, or zero-waste/recyclable packaging or water-free products. Bar soaps are popular choices as they use 30 percent less water than liquid soap, and eliminates the need for plastic packaging. Other water-free products that come in tablet or powder form, where water can be added later, saving on shipping costs and production resources.

Choco-licious Bar SCT6369 HC

Banho & Ducha - Barra Chocolicious Bar

This shampoo bar is packed with cocoa butter to nourish your hair, and includes the NATPURE XCO CHOCO CC864, a 100 percent natural extract derived from the by-product of the chocolate industry. 

Black Purifying Shower Powder SCT2273

Banho & Ducha - Ducha em Pó Purificante Preto

Ideal for travelling, this shower powder is formulated with VEGETABLE CHARCOAL, an active from charcoal with purifying properties. Upon contact with water, COVAGEL swells and brings some texture to the product. NATPURE FEEL M ECO avoid dryness of cleansing products.

Shower Tablet SCT2398

One shower table is sufficient for use on the entire body, and it’s easy to pack during travels. Wetting it in between the hand allows it to lather to a rich and creamy foam. AMIDON DE MAIS MST binds all the powders together in order and allows it to be compacted. UNIPURE RED LC 3075 is an organic pigment that gives the tablet its pink color. COVABSORB protects the color and allows the product to maintain a stable color over time.

Find out how you can formulate body care products that tap on the upcoming bath and shower trends. Contact us now to discover now.

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