Three Reasons Why Dry Shampoo Is Making a Splash on the Market

It is very tempting to think that dry shampoo is another fad or trend in the world of Personal Care. However, dry shampoo has been a staple means of hair care in...

It is very tempting to think that dry shampoo is another fad or trend in the world of Personal Care. However, dry shampoo has been a staple means of hair care in many cultures for quite some time. Even companies the US, with its vast water sources, took a stab at offering a dry shampoo to women in the 1940s. However, its resurgence in the marketplace is due to three powerful market drivers: sustainability, improved care, and convenience. In addition, these drivers are predicted to be around for decades. So let us take a closer look at these trends, and then highlight formulation examples that will help advance this important personal care segment.

1. Sustainability

Roughly 1.1 billion people lack access to water and 2.7 billion experience water scarcity at least one month a year, according to the World Wildlife Fund. The organization estimates that by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages. That’s not to mention the impact of water scarcity on ecosystems.

The beauty industry is making many strides toward sustainability, including reducing the amount of water in personal care products (or, better yet, eliminating water altogether). The botanical care brand Klorane says replacing one regular shampoo wash per week with dry shampoo saves 500 liters of water per year.

2. Improved Hair Care

Water is essential for life on our planet—and, as more personal care brands are discovering, non-essential for cosmetics. Quite frankly, water is a filler that can make ingredients less effective. In a Vogue article, one skincare director said, “The waterless concept was originally about increasing the potency of skincare products to have a greater efficacy on the skin.” From there, the trend grew to include not just skin care, but also makeup, shampoo and more.

Daily washing has become one of the most debunked routines in hair care, as water can strip the hair of healthy oils and cause color to fade. Traditional shampooing paired with daily washing can also weaken hair, which may contribute to hair loss. Dry shampoo is designed to deliver the benefits of shampoo, minus the drawbacks of water. It keeps hair healthy and extends the life of hair coloring products.

3. Convenience

For consumers, dry shampoo also makes life easier. It is an on-the-go or in-a-hurry product that avoids the arduous process of washing and drying long hair. And, it makes hair easier to style by quickly, yet gently absorbing oil while maintaining volume. According to Cosmetics Design, nearly one in five women in the UK said they use dry shampoo when they don’t have time to wash their hair. The online publisher also cites Unilever data suggesting 83% of women in the U.S. skip a daily wash at least once a week.

Sensient’s Dry Shampoo Formulas

From Europe to Asia to the Americas, the dry shampoo market is expanding. According to Mintel, between 2009 and 2014, dry shampoo grew from 1% of new shampoo products to 5%. In China, market penetration of dry shampoo increased 11% in 2019. In North America, there were at least 300 dry shampoo launches in 2019.

Sensient is helping brands meet the rising demand for dry shampoo globally with unique application formulas, including:

Dry Shampoo Paste

A new must-have for consumers, our dry shampoo paste combines several powerful ingredients to absorb oil and impurities from hair while imparting volume and root lift. A touch of our Natpure Feel-M Eco seals in moisture.

Natural Dry Shampoo Mist

This one is a water-based dry shampoo formula that absorbs sebum and leaves the hair and scalp feeling exceptionally clean. Some reports suggest that consumers are becoming more conscious of scalp care, specifically, and turning to dry shampoo as a solution.

No-Poo Dry Shampoo Powder

It only takes one shake to revive that second-day hair with our No-Poo Dry Shampoo Powder. Crafted for all hair types, No-Poo cleans out impurities to serve as the perfect solution for lightweight hair, a refreshed scalp, and long-lasting color and styling.

Let’s lead the dry shampoo movement together. Contact Sensient to request samples of these formulas and others.

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