These Four Product Trends in Oral Care All Tie Back to One

For many of us, professional dental care might be long overdue. We’ve skipped our regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings during the pandemic—and shh, we may have skipped them before that, too....

For many of us, professional dental care might be long overdue. We’ve skipped our regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings during the pandemic—and shh, we may have skipped them before that, too. But staying healthy is not limited to masks, sanitizer, and social distancing. Oral hygiene is an integral component in our overall health, giving oral care brands a platform to develop new and unique products with compelling claims. Here’s what we’re seeing in oral care formulation today:

1. Blurred Lines with Beauty

Just like the skin, the teeth are inherently connected to beauty. We all want pearly whites and a nice smile. Also, like the skin, the teeth have different needs from day to night. These themes bring oral care into the beauty industry, with self-care and clean ingredients at the center of consumer demand. For example, Sensient’s active vegetable charcoal uses 100% natural steam-activated carbon with high absorbing properties, extracted from pine trees or European peatlands. Say hello to a healthy smile with natural charcoal toothpaste. Vegetable charcoal can be used to help whiten teeth, remove stains, freshen breath, and detoxify the mouth.

2. Health & Wellness

The pandemic put a spotlight on the importance of health and wellness, causing many consumers to make more conscious decisions about the personal care products they purchase. With greater weight placed on ingredient safety, efficacy, and transparency, naturals are making big strides in the dental space. From “farm-to-tube” toothpaste to herbal mouthwash and even Ayurvedic oral care products, we’re seeing oral care marketing move from messages around pure avoidance of teeth and mouth problems to promoting overall health. Our Natpure® Xtra line allows brands to formulate with highly concentrated botanical actives that deliver proven health benefits.

3. On-the-Go Dentistry

Research conducted by the Oral Health Foundation and Oral-B found that 28 percent of adults were hesitant about returning to their dentist after lockdown. This opens up an opportunity for at-home and on-the-go solutions, with the latter being especially intriguing. Edible and drinkable oral care is on the rise, coming in many shapes and forms including powder, lozenges, beverages, wipes, dental paper, tablets, and pods. Sensient’s Covagel texturing agent enables the on-the-go format as a potato-derived instant thickener for waterless formulas. These products may also help do away with plastic tubes.

4. Colorful Creations

Who said adults aren’t drawn to colors and fun in oral care products? Purple toothpaste to “color-correct” yellow stains. Rainbow stripes. Pink tooth polish. Green mouthwash. Reliable dyes, pigments and dispersions make for endless possibilities. Sensient’s Covasorb is especially suitable for producing thin stripes in toothpaste, while Covapearl and Covapearl AQ are ideal for a pearly or metallic effect. As the beauty industry shifts toward natural ingredients, color your toothpaste naturally with our Natpure® Xtra botanicals such as rosemary, cocoa, and camellia.

The North Star: Natural

In many of the examples throughout this article, you have likely noticed a common thread: natural ingredients. In 2019, whitening was the leading claim in oral care product launches. In 2020, botanical and herbal ingredients took the top spot. Natural ingredients are at the center of Sensient’s strategy and solutions spanning colorants, color protectors, solubilizers, actives, texturing agents, cooling agents, and more. In addition to ingredients and formulations, our experts can provide technical, regulatory, marketing, and sales support. Contact us to learn more.

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