The Science Behind Lipstick That Won’t Transfer to Your Mask

Fashionable face mask? Check.Non-transfer foundation? Check.Non-transfer lipstick? Read on. Social media jokes aside, just because we’re living in the age of the face mask doesn’t mean you have to forego your signature...

Fashionable face mask? Check.
Non-transfer foundation? Check.
Non-transfer lipstick? Read on.

Social media jokes aside, just because we’re living in the age of the face mask doesn’t mean you have to forego your signature lip shade.

“Lipstick is part of the makeup ritual and despite having to wear masks when we travel and go to work, people will still want to wear lipstick at home during video calls and when restrictions are eased and more socially distanced gatherings can take place,” one beauty expert says.

As we begin to ease into the new normal, there will inevitably be moments when we can, at a safe distance, remove or lower our masks in public—and it’s those times when transfer-proof lipstick can make all the difference. While your go-to lipstick will likely rub onto your mask, special lipstick formulas with one specific ingredient won’t budge.

Surface-Treated Pigments

In cosmetics, we rely on high pigment loading to formulate products that look and feel luxurious. But there is a limit to the amount of pigment we can add before the product becomes heavy or thick.

How do chemists maintain low viscosity while pushing the envelope with pigment loading? By coating the pigment with what is called a surface treatment. As experts in surface treatment technology, Sensient has developed its ADT-C Surface Treatment to achieve the highest pigment loading while maintaining low viscosity. ADT-C treated pigments enhance the adhesion of lipstick to help the product stand pat, and also repel any oil or sweat that might accumulate beneath your mask, as this is a hydrophobic surface treatment.

No Film-Former Needed

ADT-C treated pigments are helpful not only in their pigment loading and hydrophobicity, but also as replacements for film-forming agents. Known as film-formers, these ingredients are commonly added to help lipstick glide on smoothly and stay in place. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with them, but any time chemists can eliminate an ingredient, the cost is lower for the brand and, in turn, the consumer. In other words, you could be paying less for lipstick that holds better.

Non-Transfer Lipstick Formulas We Love

Using our ADT-C Surface Treatment and other unique ingredients, Sensient offers a full lineup of mask-outlasting lip products, including:

Everlasting Lipstick  

This creamy, ADT-C lipstick was transfer-resistant long before face masks were required. Our Lipshine makes a perfectly compatible base, while Covalip 94 WP ensures a glossy finish. Everlasting Lipstick is a makeup bag essential.

Soft Matte Lipcream

Looking for a matte effect with the softness of a cream? Unipure LC ADT-C pigments provide a creamy, color-concentrated formula. Covabead LH85 gives a slick application with a non-sticky (aka non-transfer!) finish. The matte effect is derived from the powdery properties of Covafluid AMD.

Kissproof Matte Cream

Here’s another matte, non-transfer lipcream, again using Unipure LC ADT-C pigments. This time, Covagloss imparts an extra-soft finish.

Lip Ink in Water

Our Lip Ink in Water product is water-based, with a golden sheen thanks to D&C RED NO.7 GZ0079. Covasilic 15 and Sensibead IS 175 allow the pigments to be well suspended during the water phase of formulation. Covasnow 27 improves the slip on the lips without giving a dry application.

Liquid Lip and Cheek Tint

Kiss-proof, smudge-proof and rose tinted, this cheek and lip stain allows fragrance to come into play, as Solubilisant LRI solubilizes during the water phase and preserves a given scent. Covabsorb EW provides full spectrum protection and prevents Carmin Soluble W 3014 from color fading; Fucosorb WP protects and soothes the skin; and Covacryl A15 PE1 improves resistance to humidity.

From quarantine to social distancing to the new normal, Sensient is following how the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is impacting the latest beauty trends, styles and products. Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest insights from our team.

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