Skin Care in Quarantine: 7 Sensient Formulas to Try

Quarantine. Lockdown. Self-isolation. With these terms taking effect around the world, we are all seeking solace in any sense of routine we might be able to uphold. For many, skin care now...




With these terms taking effect around the world, we are all seeking solace in any sense of routine we might be able to uphold. For many, skin care now represents that sliver of the day that can feel somewhat sacred and perhaps even be enhanced.

Celebrities, influencers, brands, beauty professionals and consumers are sharing their skin care secrets. Sensient Cosmetic Technologies is joining the global conversation by spotlighting a few of our specially formulated skin care products—because now, more than ever, is a time to show some self-love.

Liquid Gold Serum

Start your skin care routine with a serum that will help your complexion radiate with every drop. The Natpure Xtra botanical actives in our Liquid Gold Serum bring the phytochemical nourishment your skin craves, while adding a touch of naturally golden color. Covagel and Thickagent LC gently increase serum viscosity for controlled application. Natpure Sol emulsifies the aromatic essential oils, which give this formula its fragrant aura.

Detox Peel Off Mask

If you have three minutes, you have time to face the world (even from a distance indoors). Sensient’s Detox Peel Off Mask begins with a smooth application provided by Natpure Feel-M ECO, our natural silicone replacement. Next, a film is formed to ensure the mask is locked in place. Then come the skin clarifying benefits of Vegetable Charcoal, which draws out toxins and unclogs pores, and Natpure Xtra Vitality, our clean label rosemary botanical active that enhances barrier function. We won’t tell your boss if you try it while on a conference call.

Tea Tonic

Formulated with our highly concentrated botanical active, Natpure Xtra, and powered by Sensient’s unique PhytoClean™ process, Tea Tonic balances skin’s pH with the goodness of nature. Natpure Xtra Longevity (green tea) stimulates the skin’s defense against oxidative stress to maintain youthful looking skin. The light texture is obtained by the combination of Thickagent LC and Natpure Film AP, the latter of which adds a lifting effect to this toner to prepare skin for the next steps of a skin care routine.

Honey Cleanser

Here’s a truly “buzz”-worthy cleanser. The clear, stringy texture mimics that of golden honey and is achieved by the specific combination of Covacryl RH and Covacryl PA. Your skin will feel moisturized after rinsing and your day will be a little bit sweeter. 

Moisture Lock Essence

Instantly balance the skin after cleansing with our Moisture Lock Essence, which is enriched with ingredients to enhance the skin barrier function. The lightweight liquid seals in moisture with Hydrofacteur HC, our moisturizing active ingredient extracted from apples to deliver a high concentration of alpha hydroxy acids. Fucosorb WP is our red and brown seaweed extract that provides polyelectrolytes and polysaccharides further moisturizing skin. Covacryl AC enhances the application experience to lock in moisture, replicating a sodium hyaluronate experience without the increased cost.


This micellar solution gently cleanses the entire face—particularly, the areas around the eyes—to moisturize dry, yet sensitive skin. The active ingredient, Hydrofacteur H, acts as a natural substitute to NMFs (Natural Moisturizing Factors). Fucosorb WP is added to give anti-inflammatory properties, while Covabsorb DS stands as a color protector.

Hydraglow Peeling Gel

The anionic thickener, Covacryl SP, reacts with cationic surfactant in our Hydraglow Peeling Gel to gently exfoliate dead skin cells when massaged onto the skin. This formula also contains Hydrofacteur HC, an active ingredient with a high concentration of alpha hydroxy acids and Fucosorb WP (again, to moisturize the skin).

We hope everyone is able to remain safe, healthy and glowing during this difficult period that will hopefully soon be history. For more that might help pass the time, browse our formulations.

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