How To Care For Your Hair And Scalp

When we talk about hair care, it used to be strictly about the hair strands, but with research and information, it’s been revealed that scalp care forms a huge part of hair...

When we talk about hair care, it used to be strictly about the hair strands, but with research and information, it’s been revealed that scalp care forms a huge part of hair care, and can affect the quality and strength of hair follicles. 

The scalp is an extension of the skin on your face and while it’s similar to skin on the other areas of the body, it is also the thickest, with an abundance of hair follicles. This thick network of hair follicles come with their own sweat and sebaceous glands, which can also trap things like bacteria, pollution particles, dirt and other environmental aggressors. 

Hair Care Scalp Infographic

Caring for the scalp is as important as caring for hair strands as they help strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair fall. There are three factors that help keep scalp in a healthy state—lipidome (or scalp sebum), microbiome and the integrity of the skin carrier function. Just like there are different skin types, scalp experiences the same thing you would with the skin on your face. When subjected to over cleansing, scalp can also be susceptible to overproduction of sebum to protect itself. Furthermore, over-washing hair also means a disruption of the microbiome on the scalp — a micro-ecology of good bacteria that balances out skin and forms the first line of defence for your skin and scalp. 

Although it sounds like cleansing is the root of the problem, it’s really a healthy balance of the right ingredients and understanding what your hair and scalp needs. 

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is known as an excellent ingredient in cleansers as it also offers detoxifying properties; this can be extended to shampoos as well. When used on hair, activated charcoal is able to lift dirt and grime off the hair or a weightless feel while boosting volume. It’s also able to lift away impurities at the scalp, maintaining scalp integrity for healthier hair.  As activated charcoal also detoxifies, it’s able to remedy itchy scalp and those who experience acne on their scalp. 

Activated charcoal can be added to shampoos to effectively cleanse hair, while removing sebum and impurities. Dry shampoo can also benefit with the inclusion of activated charcoal as it simultaneously soaks up sebum while giving roots a lift. Outside of cleansing, activated charcoal can also be added to conditioners, hair serums and masks to refresh the scalp, while addressing itchiness.

Sensient’s Vegetable Charcoal is natural and extracted from the peatlands of Europe. It’s sustainably sourced and adheres to a strict code by the Ecological & Responsible Peatland Management. Vegetable Charcoal is also COSMOS certified, and is able to absorb a high amount of sebum to purify scalp. The particle size is also smaller, making it easy to disperse. It’s strongly pigmented, giving products a high-impact black color.

We also have ready to use dispersion of activated charcoal made from pinewood from China, Covarine Charcoal P-WN 9794 is a COSMOS certified natural dispersion of activated charcoal in water and propanediol. It provides a convenient and ready-to-use alternative to pulverulent charcoal powders while exhibiting equal cleansing and detox properties.

Purify & Protect Scalp Elixir

Purify & Protect Scalp Elixir Formulation

Purify & Protect Scalp Elixir is a lightweight, non-greasy leave-in serum featuring Vegetable Charcoal, which deeply cleans the scalp by absorbing toxins, impurities and balancing scalp sebum. A touch of Natpure® Feel-M Eco adds nourishment and smoothness to your hair without leaving any residue to your scalp. Section hair and apply the elixir to cover entire section of exposed scalp, and massage into scalp.

Contact us to learn more about the ingredients that support scalp and hair health. 

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