Get Festive with Beauty Formulations for Lunar New Year 2022

Welcome to 2022—year of hope, year of reunion, Year of the Tiger. More specifically, 2022 is Year of the Water Tiger, marking an occurrence that only happens every 60 years. “This Chinese...

Welcome to 2022—year of hope, year of reunion, Year of the Tiger.

More specifically, 2022 is Year of the Water Tiger, marking an occurrence that only happens every 60 years. “This Chinese zodiac sign is known for its power, boldness and predilection for doing everything big,” one news outlet explains.

Beginning February 1, the 15-day-long Lunar New Year celebration, also known as 春节 or Spring Festival, brings millions of people across eastern and southeastern Asia home to celebrate with their families and uphold cultural rituals such as lion dances, fireworks, ancestral worships, delicious cuisine, and generous monetary gifts in bright red envelopes.

As nations around the world recognize and embrace the Lunar New Year, beauty brands can join, too, with innovative, novelty and limited-edition products inspired by the enlivening colors and symbolism of the festivities. Here are a few ways Sensient can help your beauty brand tap into Lunar New Year tradition.

Golden Serum

Golden Serum

Alongside vibrant red, shimmering gold gives the Lunar New Year its visual identity. Sensient’s Golden Serum is an oil-in-water infused sparkling solution achieved with Covacryl® SP, which is able to suspend oil droplets while keeping fluidity of the product. Covasilic® 15 in the oil phase helps maintain the size of those oil droplets, while Covapearl Dore Gold 232 AS gives them their gold color. Fucosorb WP imparts soothing properties on the skin.

Mahjong Tile Soap

Mahjong Tile Soap

Without a doubt, the most popular game during the Lunar New Year is Mahjong (麻将), originally developed during the Qing Dynasty in China. Over the years, consumers have seen mahjong-themed Lunar New Year products ranging from bags to cushions to cutlery—and yes, even beauty products. Create and color these mahjong tile soaps using our Covarine WS dispersions. Pigments are predispersed in a glycerin medium for easy incorporation into the formula.

Red Hot Lip Shades

Asian Model Red Lip

Chinese artists and premium fashion brands are choosing brighter reds (and not just for the Lunar New Year) to convey a blend of tradition and modernism. For example, Samuel Guì Yang, a renowned fashion designer for womenswear, based in London and Shanghai, fuses Chinese style with Western codes and uses bright red to exude traditional and contemporary elegance. This saturated red also has an immersive and sensory quality, making it key for emotionally engaging, digitally driven experiences. This is just one of many shades available in the Sensient color library.

Lip Makeup Color Matching


From cool to warm and from subtle to bold, lip colors are an entire universe of their own. Sensient lip technologies encompass pigments, surface treatments, dispersions, composites, pearls, dyes, fillers, emollients, bases and powders—all with expert color matching to achieve the desired product. Pigment processing helps reduce any shade difference from mass tone to application.

At Sensient, we love partnering with brands and formulators to create innovative and timely products. When it comes to the Lunar New Year, it’s all in the spirit of welcoming good fortune, happiness and prosperity for the year ahead. Contact us to learn more about our ingredients, formulations and global regulatory expertise.

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