Formulating The Right Beauty Products for The Growing Middle Eastern Market 

Capture this growing market with the right cosmetics

Formulating The Right Beauty Products for The Growing Middle Eastern Market  Featured Image

In a territory that is worth 4 billion dollar in the makeup industry, even during the pandemic, Middle East a force to be reckoned with. The cosmopolitan cities in the Middle East saw a recovery from the pandemic sales slump and is expected to grow by as much as five percent, over the next five years, even as sales in parts of the world like Europe and North America continue to decline. 

The Middle East is a unique market, with emphasis on a certain aesthetics and style when it comes to makeup and trends that have developed over time due to their rich culture, beliefs and climate. 

As such, the ingredients and formulations used should cater to the complexion needs of the Middle Eastern women—high-performance foundations that stays put without feeling heavy, lipsticks that both hydrate and enhance the pout, eyeliners that draw attention to their stunning eyes, and brow makeup that helps them achieve fuller and more defined arches. 

Brow Pomade: SCT2107 Light Brown Eyebrow Pomade

This creamy eyebrow pomade give brows a fuller and fluffier appearance when applied with an eyebrow brush. Sparse brows can be easily filled to blend in with the rest of the natural brow hairs—with Light Brown Blend, a ready-to-use mix of Unipure AS Pigments, that is universally flattering.

Mixed in with a combination of Covabead LH170 and Covabead Velvet 20—both enhancing the sensorial qualities of the pomade—allows for smooth application and perfect spreadability that leaves a powdery finish. Covasilic 15, a thickener, gives the pomade a thick creamy texture.

Lipstick: SCT2354 Pink Me Up Stick

This natural-based lipstick is made with SensiOp White C01 AS, which allows for shades to be lightened without the use of Titanium Dioxide and is an integral part of Sensient Beauty’s drive towards its Color of the Year 2022, Radiant Pink.

Foundation: SCT4170 Nat’vocado Lightweight Full Cover Foundation

SCT4170 Nat'vocado Lightweight Full Cover Foundation

This foundation spreads on skin with a luxurious, buttery texture thanks to Botanical Avocado, a hydrophobic surface treatment. The rich butter coats the high purity Unipure LC BA pigments, which leaves a medium to full coverage on the skin, all white feeling incredibly natural and lightweight after. Covafluid AMD, Sensibead SI 175 and Sericite 300 S are also added to the foundation to add to its creamy texture and further enhance its luxurious quality.

Eyeliner: SCT6308 SME L’Encre Noire

SCT6308 SME L’Encre Noire Eyeliner

Middle Eastern women place a lot of emphasis on eye makeup, and a combination of the pandemic and religious beliefs sometimes leave only the eye area exposed, making it an important area to play up on when it comes to makeup. Black eyeliners—a mainstay in most Middle Eastern women’s makeup pouch— are favored as they give an intense definition. The SCT 6308 SME L’Encre Noire has a natural formulation with includes the Covarine Charcoal SN9794 for a vivid black that is then added with Natpure Film AP, a film former which gives this eyeliner its water-resistant qualities.

Skin-loving ingredients like Fucosorb WP, an algae extract that is also Halal certified, is added to care for sensitive eyes. Natpure Sol, an emulsifier is also added to enhance the eyeliner definition. This is an eyeliner that combines both makeup and skincare qualities.

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