Color Trends for Makeup – 2024/2025

As you scan the haute couture runways and glossy magazine pages, you may have noticed some exciting new makeup looks emerging for 2024. The trends point to bolder colors, futuristic finishes, and...

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As you scan the haute couture runways and glossy magazine pages, you may have noticed some exciting new makeup looks emerging for 2024. The trends point to bolder colors, futuristic finishes, and artistic shapes that push the envelope of conventional beauty. Understanding the biggest color makeup trends allows you to curate a cutting-edge aesthetic and products for your customers.

Nude Awakening: Natural Tones that Enhances

An upgrade of ‘The Future of Face Makeup: Color Trends 2023/2024’, Elemental Earth, the trend spotlight is on minimalist nude makeup, highlighting natural beauty with shades like taupe. This movement offers brands a chance to innovate with products that enhance natural tones, evident in the rise of lipsticks that adapt to the wearer’s natural lip color for a personalized effect.

Sensient’s Color of The Year 2024, Golden Terra, plays a pivotal role. This earthy, golden-infused brown brings a comforting touch of nature, aligning with the growing preference for simplicity and a deeper connection with the natural world.

Golden Terra‘s appeal lies in its versatility. It offers a grounding effect that resonates with the current shift towards holistic wellness and environmental awareness, while also possessing an ethereal luminosity that adds a fantasy element to beauty looks. This unique blend of natural tranquility and imaginative flair makes it an excellent choice for the season. The trend towards natural, unassuming beauty opens up opportunities for brands to innovate with products that highlight and enhance natural features.

Golden Terra can be incorporated into a range of products, from high-quality skin primers that enhance natural radiance to adaptable makeup that reflects individual styles and preferences. From our 2024 Color Palette, the shade Soft Cream also perfectly complements Golden Terra creating a harmonious blend of warm, earthy tones that evoke a sense of natural elegance and understated sophistication.

2024 Color Palette - Golden Terra & Soft Cream

As runway trends vary from subtle to bold, there’s a growing need for versatile products like base-free makeup and natural blushes that enhance rather than mask natural features. These innovations cater to the desire for a polished, yet understated look.

Mermaidcore: Lavender, Blue and Peach for Spring

The ‘mermaidcore’ trend for the spring season draws its enchanting inspiration from mythical sea creatures, introducing a vibrant color palette. It includes a muted pastel blue hue that was prominently featured at Versace’s Milan Fashion Week, where light blue eyeshadow added a whimsical and dreamy touch to the eye makeup.

Another key element is ethereal lavender shades reminiscent of delicate flowers, seen on the runways of Balmain and Issey Miyake. This trend favors a soft, shimmery lilac on the eyelids, often paired with minimal makeup and nude lips, or boldly contrasted with orange lips for a more striking effect. Mermaidcore, with its playful and whimsical essence, brings a fresh perspective to spring makeup trends.

To bring out the mermaidcore color trends, the shades CyberGem, Escapist Green, and Skylight Blue from Sensient’s 2024 Color Palette can be artfully combined, creating a captivating palette that mirrors the mystical and vibrant essence of the ocean depths.

Dark, Moody Lips Take Center Stage

In a striking contrast to traditional spring palettes, dark lip colors like deep berry, brown, and black are emerging as a major trend. These bold shades are redefining luxury in the makeup world, with prestigious brands offering a range of dramatic lip products.

Industry insights reveal that consumers are keen to replicate runway looks, presenting an opportunity for brands to guide them in achieving these styles. The use of digital tools and AI filters further enhances consumer engagement, allowing them to experiment and find their perfect shade.

Referencing back to our 2024 Color Palette, the shades Neutral Brown and Power Berry form the perfect combination for this dark lip trend offering a rich and sophisticated look.

Blush on for a Healthy, Fresh-Faced Glow

Blush is returning with a focus on a natural, radiant glow. Strategic placement and feathered textures create an effortlessly polished look. The ‘poppy girl’ look, featuring a natural flush of color, is set to dominate the spring and summer seasons. This trend highlights the cheeks for a youthful, rested appearance.

Pairing Blush and Lip Colors

On the other end of the bold lip spectrum lies a more understated, natural aesthetic, where blush emerges as a key player to inject color and depth into your look. The art of pairing blush with lip color lies in selecting shades that harmoniously blend with your natural lip hue or chosen lip product.

The revival of blush in the spring and summer of 2024 celebrates a return to natural beauty, showcasing a glow that’s both fresh and youthful. Applied with a thoughtful, light hand, blush can bestow a vibrant, healthy flush, epitomizing a radiant and youthful allure.

The Power Berry shade from Sensient’s 2024 Color Palette is the perfect shade for the focus on blusher trend, infusing a vibrant and energetic touch that enhances the natural radiance of the cheeks.

Graphic Eyeliners

Social media filters and beauty influencers are influencing eyeliner styles. Thinner, straighter liner shapes, a standout feature at Paris Fashion Week, reflect the influence of popular digital trends. This fusion of runway and digital realms presents a unique opportunity for brands to align with consumer preferences through innovative products and digital platforms.

Amidst this trend towards dramatic makeup, CyberGem, emerges as a key color. This vivid amethyst hue, embodying creativity, optimism, and a hint of mystery, aligns perfectly with the growing enthusiasm for bolder eyeliner styles.

CyberGem‘s luminescent fuchsia tone, inspired by interstellar themes and the digital world, offers a playful yet secure element to makeup palettes. Complementing the bright hues of this trend, the shades Escapist Green, Skylight Blue and Golden Terra all harmonize to create a dynamic and vivid color spectrum, perfectly encapsulating the bold and adventurous spirit of the season.

Brands have a critical role in guiding consumers to recreate these bold looks, focusing on ease of use, a priority for 93% of French makeup users. Collaborating with influencers on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, brands can offer inspiration and step-by-step guides to the latest trends. Over a third of US makeup consumers look to these influencers for beauty guidance, making such partnerships invaluable for brands aiming to set trends.

Ready to embrace 2024’s vibrant makeup trends? Contact Sensient Beauty for bespoke formulations that resonate with the latest color makeup and beauty trends of 2024.

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