5 Key Selling Points for Premium Baby Care Products Post-Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic forced us to revamp and reprioritize personal care—not just the care that we give to ourselves, but also to family members. For parents of infants and toddlers, the experience...

The coronavirus pandemic forced us to revamp and reprioritize personal care—not just the care that we give to ourselves, but also to family members. For parents of infants and toddlers, the experience might have been all the more eye-opening. In a November 2020 survey by GlobalData, 69% of consumers in the EMEA region with children under 4 years old reported that claims of “natural” and “free-from synthetic” ingredients became more important to them because of the pandemic.

As the virus subsides and the global baby care market tracks toward US$9.1 billion by 2024, the standards for baby care products will continue to rise and consumers will be willing to pay more for the following:

Natural & Organic Ingredients

Twenty-five percent of parents who purchase baby products believe natural and organic ingredients are one of the most important factors to consider, according to Mintel. Young parents often place an even greater emphasis on clean, radically transparent ingredients along with sustainable sourcing and eco-friendly processes. Sensient specializes in developing natural alternatives to synthetic ingredients, promoting a full line of natural thickeners, solubilizers, emulsifiers, texturing powders, mineral sunscreen, natural colors, pearls and more.

For example, our Natural Baby Lotion uses Natpure Feel-M Eco, a non-volatile silicone replacement that nourishes the skin with enhanced spreadability as emollients are released. Meanwhile, our cocoa extract, Natpure Xtra Eternity, strengthens skin barrier protection to boost hydration.

Safe & Gentle Formulas

Natural ingredients also put parents’ minds at ease for safety. In the UK, Mintel found that 80% of parents surveyed said they would like to know what ingredients are in the products they buy for their babies or children. In baby care products, purity and softness are often synonymous with safety. At Sensient, Solubilisant LRI is one of our star ingredients. It has been tested and trusted in brand-name baby products for more than 35 years. Other formulas such as our Baby Micellar Water also focus on gentle cleansing and moisturizing.

Skin Benefits & Protection

A newborn’s skin is extremely sensitive. Aside from avoiding irritation, baby skincare products can also help to solve certain skin problems. Mintel’s research showed that up to 71% of parents in China are willing to pay more for baby care products that solve skin problems or contain skin-benefiting ingredients. Natural ingredients touted in baby skincare formulas include aloe, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, beeswax and others. Keeping baby care products fragrance-free can also help to reduce common skin irritation such as eczema or diaper rash.

Emotional Wellness & Connection

Especially during stressful times, baby care brings simple moments of joy and sentiment to parents. Recognizing this aspect, brands are beginning to incorporate fun and playful elements into baby care products. Sensient’s Color Changing Hand Foam, for example, turns from pink to white, with the latter signifying that it’s time to rinse off. Globally compliant dyes are solubilized into the formula with the help of Solubilisant LRI. Fucosorb WP provides a blend of algae extract that helps to soothe and hydrate the skin. Bath time can also be playtime with creative dispersion ingredients like Sensient’s Natpure Xfine and Covarine WS. In the UK, Mintel found that 26% of parents of 0-4-year-olds showed interest in baby care products that promote emotional wellbeing.

Hygiene & Immunity

Babies rarely fall ill with COVID-19, yet parental worries understandably persist. Protective benefits were already important in baby care pre-COVID-19 and have since heightened. In turn, brands are promoting hygiene and immunity boosters including antibacterial agents, sanitizers, prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. We’re even seeing hand sanitizers specific to babies, using essential oils as well as hypochlorous acid, a compound that is naturally produced by the body’s immune system to fight infection.

Ready to lead these post-pandemic trends in baby care and related personal care markets, such as kids care and maternity care? Partner with an industry leader in Sensient. Request a one-on-one consultation today to learn more about our products and formulations.

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